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Hobsons connects learning to life by matching students to opportunity across a lifetime of education decisions.

Nearly 60% of first-year college students find they aren’t prepared for college, despite being technically eligible for it. Employers are also finding that students are not being properly prepared for the workforce in key areas.

We aim to change that by delivering college and career readiness solutions that help bridge the gap between college access and completion by engaging students throughout their educational journey.

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Match and Fit

Connect with Best-Fit Students

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Intersect™ facilitates increased institutional awareness, connections with best-fit students, and networking opportunities with school counselors who advise students on their postsecondary options.

You can add thousands of students to the top of your enrollment funnel, but are they students who are ready to hear your message and interested in what your institution can offer?

Intersect™ helps you focus on students who are both a match for your institution and for whom your institution is a good fit, increasing the likelihood of successful application and enrollment.

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Intersect™ by Hobsons is an innovative, comprehensive platform of matching solutions that helps higher ed institutions increase awareness with high school counselors and students to facilitate connections with best-fit students.

Michael Brown

The Hobsons Counselor Community allows our university to have a conversation with one of the most important influencers in the college search: the high school counselor. Just like with a prospective student, having an ongoing dialogue about our university with the school counseling staff allows them to get a more complete picture about what we have to offer and more importantly, allows the high school counselors to form a clearer picture about which students at their school would be a good fit at our university. Finding a university that is a good fit for the student is what the college search is all about.

Michael Brown
Director of Admission, Heidelberg University, Ohio
Intersect Awareness

Raise awareness of your institution with students, families, and school counselors by displaying enhanced College Profile Pages within Naviance, with information students need to help determine whether your institution would be a good fit for them. Additionally, the Hobsons Counselor Community brings together school counselors and college admission counselors in a professional community intended to increase communication and networking, provide valuable information, and, ultimately, help students make good decisions about where to apply and enroll.

Intersect Connection

Students need to know when they are a potential match for your institution, learn more about what your institution offers, and connect with your college or university if it appears to be a good fit. ActiveMatch helps students discover best-fit higher education options by allowing them to connect with colleges and universities looking for prospective students just like them. You can identify characteristics indicating which students are a good academic match, as well as find students who fit specific demographic variables (race, ethnicity, geography, class year, attendance at an under-represented school) and present messages about your institution to students who possess those characteristics. Students choosing to “connect” with your institution via ActiveMatch are highly likely to apply.

Intersect Presence

To help increase in-person connections with students, Events enables you to promote on-campus activities and events to students, who can then RSVP within Naviance. RepVisits reduces the time and effort needed to set up a high school visit schedule and sign up for college fairs. You can schedule multiple high schools in the same city at once, see travel optimization recommendations, and learn critical details about the high school before you arrive.

Student Success & Advising

From start to finish.

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Every student deserves a fair chance at success.

Today’s students face significant challenges as they go through each stage of their higher education experience. No one is immune from the academic, financial, social, and wellness challenges that can derail a student’s progress. In order to keep students engaged, you must accelerate, automate and optimize your student retention strategies to support them.

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Starfish by Hobsons can help your institution scale its student success, support and retention initiatives to enable students to engage more effectively with the campus community and achieve their academic goals.

Starfish by Hobsons is proud to be named CODiE Finalist in SIIA 2016 Awards!

Randy Swearer

In the first year of implementation and use, the Starfish platform has led to increased communication among faculty, advisors, students, and support services, as well as an increase in the university’s formal retention rate. The successful adoption of the Starfish platform can be attributed to the capabilities of the platform and ease of use, the full-time and part-time faculty commitment to student success, and the personnel on the Starfish implementation team.

Randy Swearer
Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Philadelphia University
Early Alerts

Starfish Early Alert, the early warning and student tracking module of the Starfish platform, collects information and manages concerns in a way that respects different groups’ unique workflows, so they can engage more deeply with more students.

Crucial Connections

Starfish Connect, the online appointment scheduling and case management module of the Starfish platform, facilitates meaningful contact between students and their advisors, instructors, and tutors.

Degree Planner

Starfish Degree Planner creates personalized degree-based roadmaps to graduation, empowering students to manage their academic future.


Between 5 and 12% of your institution’s budget is committed to student services. Starfish can measure these investments and help to amplify their outcomes. We offer reporting both within the Starfish platform and through our predictive modeling services that help institutions identify patterns and measure the effectiveness of all your interventions.

Related Services

Technology is just one piece of the puzzle; see how our implementation, consulting and training services help ensure your success. Need more? Hobsons offers a variety of outsourced services including online program management, enrollment management and international student services to help you scale your institution’s college readiness, admissions, advising and retention efforts.

PAR Framework

Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework is a national membership collaborative that helps colleges, universities, and higher education systems use data to improve retention and postsecondary success. PAR offers member organizations tools and services to inventory and measure the impact of their student success interventions, benchmark their institutions’ academic success in comparison to peer institutions, and predict which students are going to be at-risk. Members also benefit from community insight and effective practices shared from across the collaborative. uses cookies to improve your experience. By using our services, you’re agreeing to our Cookie Policy.
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