Keep students on a positive path toward their goals

Students need support and encouragement to navigate the path from welcome week to graduation. Growth mindset messaging through timely nudges, positive reinforcement with kudos, and access to a wealth of institutional resources through Starfish will help support students through critical points when they are most likely to get stuck or drop out.

  • Nudging
  • Kudos
  • Student Dashboard
  • Personalized Success Network
  • Success Plans

Student Engagement Features


Help students stay on track with timely, personalized messages offering reminders, referrals, or words of encouragement. Send a personal note or automate nudges to help expand your reach.

  • Text and Email
  • Promote Student Action
  • Personalized Messages
Text and Email

Meet your students where they are with mobile-friendly SMS text or email messages directly from within Starfish.

Promote Student Action

Messages can include direct links to resources or actions within Starfish, making it easy for students to schedule an appointment with the click of a button.

Personalized Messages

Add a personal touch to messages with tokens including student name and other data within Starfish.


Use the power of positive reinforcement by sending students kudos to acknowledge progress and achievements.

  • Instill Sense of Belonging
  • Build Culture of Support
  • Customizable Options
Instill Sense of Belonging

Help students feel connected to their campus community by sharing messages of welcome, support, or congratulations.

Build Culture of Support

Encourage instructors and other members of a student’s success network to provide positive feedback when students excel — not just raise flags when they need help.

Customizable Options

Create a variety of kudos, from welcoming new students to campus to acknowledging academic success or encouraging students to reach their goals.

Student Dashboard

The responsive student dashboard within Starfish makes it easy for students to stay up to date on appointments and notifications.

  • Student Calendar
  • Notifications
  • Mobile Optimized
Student Calendar

The student calendar helps students keep track of their course schedule, appointments, group sessions, and assignments.


Students can keep track of messages, to-dos, referrals, and kudos all in one location.

Mobile Optimized

The mobile-responsive student dashboard allows students easy access to Starfish resources whether they are on or off campus.

Success Networks

Put university resources at a student’s fingertips with the Starfish virtual success network.

  • Personalized Network Contacts
  • Available Services
  • Request Help
Personalized Network Contacts

Students can see a list of their personal contacts, including advisors, instructors, counselors, and more. They can call, email, or directly schedule an appointment with just a few clicks.

Available Services

Make students aware of all the services your institution offers. Students can schedule an appointment or see how many others are currently waiting in the queue.

Request Help

When students know they need help but aren’t sure exactly where to turn, they can submit a request for help so their advisor or other members of their success network can reach out directly.

Success Plans

Help students along their entire higher education journey with a personalized success plan in Starfish to alert them about key milestones and keep them on track.

  • Developed Best Practices
  • Quickly Deploy at Scale
  • Drive Student Success
Develop Best Practices

Codify institutional best practices with success plan templates for everything from navigating the first semester to the final push to graduation.

Quickly Deploy at Scale

Create a customized success plan tailored to a single student, or quickly launch existing plan templates for new students.

Drive Student Success

Keep students on track for success with alerts to advisors, instructors, and more. Promote engagement along the way with messages about their progress.

Young students with laptop and their teacher in a library.

The software is a reflection of our faculty – student-centered and focused on individualized attention.

Christopher Romano Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Ramapo College of New Jersey

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