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Just as no college or university is alike, every Starfish implementation is unique. Consulting Services help you customize, launch, and manage the Starfish Student Success Platform to match the unique characteristics of your institution.

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Implementation and Integration

Hands-on trainings, flexible customization options, and seamless integrations with your LMS and SIS ensure your institution is set up for success.

Connect existing systems

Integrate your LMS, SIS, and additional data sources within Starfish to ensure that faculty and advisors have a holistic view of each student.

Tailor Starfish to your institution

Build your first workflows and templates so you get off to a running start. Tune the predictive model to incorporate your historical data and reflect your student population.

Customized implementation and maintenance options for IT teams of any size

Work with us or train your IT team for ongoing support and maintenance.

Project Consulting

Drive adoption and continued success across campus with personalized Starfish training sessions for administrators, faculty, and staff.

Hands-on training to drive adoption across campus

Help faculty, advisors, and students start using the new system for student success.

Action Planning

Create plans for a prioritized set of interventions, including milestones, metrics, and accountable owners.

Change Management

Use a performance management framework that can evolve as your goals, processes, and outcomes change.

Strategic Consulting

Readiness diagnostics, planning workshops, and change management resources help you build a strategic, sustainable student success program.

Our Strategic Consultants work with leaders to build a strategic, sustainable success program across campus.

Readiness diagnostic

Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement to guide strategic planning and platform configuration.

Intervention workshop

Define and catalog a comprehensive inventory of student supports, using a common language to facilitate collaboration.

Data and analytics insights

Partner with our data science team to understand your Starfish predictive data model and begin to use findings to improve outcomes.


We were really impressed with the Starfish implementation plan. Clearly, they’ve done this a lot and done it well. And that’s what we need: someone to lead us through implementation - not the other way around.

Kristie Crumley, Associate Provost, Student Affairs and Marketing Carroll Community College

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Starfish institutions achieve 2x increases in retention rate compared to peers, exceed graduation goals, and set the standard for all colleges and universities that prioritize student success. Let’s talk about how Starfish helps you meet your goals. Personalize your support for students at scale with early alerts, online appointment scheduling, case management, and seamless communication across campus.

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