Your vision sets the course for student success

Presidents, provosts, and retention committees have their work cut out for them.

Enrollment is dropping, which means retaining current students is essential to maintaining revenue. At the same time, colleges are struggling to close the equity gap and ensure all students have what they need to succeed.

A holistic approach to student success is proven to increase retention rates, as well as other key metrics such as GPAs, credit ratios, and persistence from semester to semester. By enabling collaboration throughout the institution, higher education leaders can ensure all students have a consistent, positive advising experience.

Empower your advisors and faculty with the tools they need to work together, save resources, and focus investments on activities with proven impact.

By uncovering hidden information, you can make objective decisions


Unlock the insights in your data

With Starfish, you can access objective data in real time to analyze trends and make decisions at the institutional level. You can clearly see risk factors and trends for individual students, specific cohorts, and your entire student population.

Measure performance over time

Instead of relying on subjective information, you’ll know which actions are having the greatest impact on your retention goals, compare performance over time and with other campuses and schools, and identify areas for continual improvement.

Take action on data quickly

Leadership teams and retention committees can create actionable reports and share them easily, without waiting for IT or Institutional Research.

Unite your institution around student success

Drive student success initiatives across campus with Starfish’s enterprise student success management and advanced analytics capabilities.

The Starfish Approach

The Holistic Student Success Framework flips upside down the common conception of student success as anchored with institutional priorities. Instead, this model leads from the student point of view. The framework provides a roadmap for planning, implementing and evaluating an institution-wide culture of student-centric success, offering recommendations and strategies to use throughout the student experience.

The Starfish Approach


A 50% increase in retention [of at-risk students] could generate just shy of $1 million – that’s just tuition dollars. Another calculation is the impact on our performance-based funding if those same 60 students remain in school. Our scores will go up and so will our funding from the state. We’ve begun to connect the dots between Starfish usage and revenue for the university.

Joe Murray, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies University Advising Services

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