Faculty, department chairs, and deans want to drive student success but often don’t have the right information or access to help

Faculty members are often the most direct connection to reach at-risk college students. Non-tenure-track faculty members and adjuncts are particularly key to student success, as they typically teach first-year courses.

At many higher ed institutions, however, academic and advising departments don’t collaborate effectively to support student success. They work in isolation, either duplicating efforts or missing important information that could catch emerging issues soon enough to help struggling students.

Traditional faculty surveys provide a retrospective picture but lack the ability to help students in real-time.

Starfish integrates faculty in a student success network

Join a connected student success system

With Starfish, critical information about each student is visible in a central, accessible hub that connects faculty with advisors, tutors, coaches, and everyone responsible for student success.


Easily raise flags and alerts

Faculty can raise flags when issues first appear and make recommendations for academic support services. By communicating in a common system, faculty know that students see messages, and advisors reinforce recommendations.

Guide action with data

Faculty have access to data to make decisions. Knowing which sources, sections, and instructors are stumbling blocks can help faculty make adjustments that support institution and department-wide retention goals.

Powerful features to support student success

Personalize your support your students at scale with Starfish’s industry-leading capabilities for advising and academic planning.

The Starfish Approach

The Holistic Student Success Framework flips upside down the common conception of student success as anchored with institutional priorities. Instead, this model leads from the student point of view. The framework provides a roadmap for planning, implementing and evaluating an institution-wide culture of student-centric success, offering recommendations and strategies to use throughout the student experience.

The Starfish Approach


The software is a reflection of our faculty – student-centered and focused on individualized attention.

Christopher Romano Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Ramapo College of New Jersey

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