Powerful features to scale student success efforts across campus

Advisors, faculty, and staff collaborate in an integrated system with students at the center. You don’t have to wait for students to ask for help because you’re alerted to potential and emerging issues before they become problems.


  • Integrated Communication
  • Centralized Student Record
  • Workflow Management
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Integrations

Student Success Management Features

Integrated Communication

Starfish enables advisors, faculty, and departments across campus to collaborate and communicate directly with students from within the platform.

  • Messages and Notes
  • Alerts
  • Scheduling
Messages and Notes

Send students messages via email or text, or send notes to other staff members in a student’s personal success network.


Receive alerts from colleagues when students in your network need assistance, or stay in the loop with updates to know that a student got the help they needed.


Schedule time for yourself (or for a colleague) with a student directly in Starfish, or allow students to schedule their own time during your customizable office hours. Integrations with Microsoft Office and Google Calendar ensure you’re always up to date.

Centralized Student Record

Starfish puts all the information you need to support students in a single, centralized location, with detailed permissions to ensure student data is only available to those who need access.

  • Student Information
  • Flags, Alerts, Notes
  • Student Success Network
Student Information

View core information imported from your SIS system, including admissions, demographics, programs, term status, and more.

Flags, Alerts, Notes

Review flags, referrals, to-dos, and other alerts on a student’s record to quickly see where follow-up is needed.

Student Success Network

View a list of other faculty and staff on campus in each student’s success network so you can easily find the right partners for providing support. Send them a note via Starfish, or view their contact information to follow up directly.

Workflow Management

Improve efficiency, streamline communication, and scale your student success efforts with workflows and automation in Starfish.

  • Automated Alerts
  • Success Plans
  • Closed Loop Reporting
Automated Alerts

Create automated workflows to trigger alerts, flags, or communications with staff or students based upon data and activities tracked within Starfish.

Success Plans

Create templates for best practice student success plans. Make it easy to assign them for new students.

Closed Loop Reporting

Ensure everyone in a student’s success network stays informed on that student’s progress with communication workflows that “close the loop” back to the referring party when an action is completed.

Roles and Permissions

Starfish’s flexible roles and relationship structure makes it easy to customize how each department interacts with students and with each other.

  • Custom Actions
  • Control Access to Sensitive Data
  • Facilitate Collaboration
Custom Actions

Customize the actions that each user can take in the system based on what is most important and relevant for their role.

Control Access to Sensitive Data

From financial aid information to student conduct and mental health counseling notes, Starfish helps you ensure that important student data is only seen by those who need access.

Facilitate Collaboration

Use the power of role-based workflows to allow users to raise flags, edit notes, schedule meetings on behalf of others on campus, and more.

Integrations with Systems on Campus

Starfish software interfaces with the existing technology systems on your institution’s campus to create a seamless experience and eliminate redundant data entry.

  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Other Data Systems
Student Information System (SIS)

Integrate data from the student information system (SIS) integration to get the most out of Starfish. The platform offers seamless integrations with many major SIS providers.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Integrations with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and more make it easy to connect all your data in one system.

Other Data Systems

From powerful APIs to calendar integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, Starfish integrates with many technologies across campus to create a seamless experience for instructors, advisors, and students.


Starfish is helping us better identify students in need of assistance, collaborate more effectively across schools and departments, and proactively connect students to campus resources so they can take full advantage of all that NYU has to offer.

Bernard Savarese, Assistant Vice President for Student Success New York University

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