Starfish strengthens the vital connection between advisors and students

Starfish gives advisors simple tools to identify students most at risk, so you can prioritize outreach where and when the need is greatest. Advisors don’t have to wait for students to ask for help because you’re alerted to issues before they become bigger problems.

Each advisor is part of an integrated success network. Everyone involved in student success can easily share information to support advisors and reinforce recommendations.

Spend time helping students instead of administrative work

Advisors quickly adopt Starfish as part of the day-to-day workflow because it saves time rather than creating more work. The advising experience isn’t dependent on an advisor’s tenure or training. All advisors have immediate access to information without logging in to multiple systems to find data or resources.


Powerful features to support student success

Personalize your support your students at scale with Starfish’s industry-leading capabilities for advising and academic planning.

The Starfish Approach

The Holistic Student Success Framework flips upside down the common conception of student success as anchored with institutional priorities. Instead, this model leads from the student point of view. The framework provides a roadmap for planning, implementing and evaluating an institution-wide culture of student-centric success, offering recommendations and strategies to use throughout the student experience.

The Starfish Approach


We have become more student centered by taking the necessary supports directly to our students rather than waiting for them to come to us.

Dr. Mike Muñoz, Vice President of Student Services Long Beach City College

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