Holistic advising features create an integrated support network for each student

Advisors, faculty, and staff collaborate in an integrated system with students at the center. You don’t have to wait for students to ask for help because you’re alerted to potential and emerging issues before they become problems: Who didn’t show up for the first class? Who received a flag from an instructor? Who has a low credit ratio? And you can take coordinated action to address student struggles in time to help.


  • Central Dashboard
  • Built into Advising Workflow
  • Easy to Learn
  • Timesaving for Faculty, Advisors, and Students

Advising Features

Flags and Early Alerts

Flags alert advisors to issues early on, before they become significant problems. Starfish’s comprehensive system has raised more than 20 million student warnings since 2012.

  • Automated Flag Triggers
  • Manual Flags
  • Progress Surveys
Automated Flag Triggers

Starfish raises flags automatically based on grades, attendance, financial information, and more. That means advisors can prioritize reaching out to students who need the most help.

Manual Flags

Faculty, coaches, academic tutors, and others can raise flags at any time, increasing visibility for advisors. Students can also raise flags themselves to ask for extra help.

Progress Surveys

Progress surveys enable faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants to provide feedback for several students at once at key points throughout the term. This gives instructors regular opportunities to flag students who may need extra help.

Retention Risk Dashboards

Starfish gives advisors clear visibility into how each student is progressing with a powerful retention model of over 50 factors indicating how likely a student is to persist and graduate.

  • Retention Score
  • Predictive Factors
  • Custom Model, Proven Algorithm
Retention Score

A numerical retention score for each student makes it clear who may need extra help.

Predictive Factors

See the story behind the data with visibility into the key factors driving a student’s score, from academic performance and program selection to financial aid.

Custom Model, Proven Algorithm

Retention dashboards are customized for your institution. Pull in your historical data and select relevant student cohorts. Refreshed data at the end of each term keeps your model up to date.

Enhanced Case Management

Strengthen the vital connection between advisors and students with robust advising tools for enhanced case management.

  • Centralized Advising Notes
  • Intervention Management
  • Intake Forms
Centralized Advising Notes

Keep all notes and meeting information in a centralized student folder, so important student details aren’t lost. It’s easy to share information across departments while restricting access for sensitive data.

Intervention Management

Advisors see a full list of available interventions without having to search multiple systems, so they can immediately match supports to student needs.

Intake Forms

You can help students start higher education on the right foot with effective onboarding. Intake forms increase your understanding of incoming college students to create individualized plans.


Starfish makes it easy to stay connected with students with robust scheduling and meeting management features built right into the platform.

  • Meeting Management
  • Office Hours
  • Kiosks
Meeting Management

Schedule meetings with students directly from Starfish with the integrated calendar. Add notes and documentation directly to the student’s record to keep everything in one place.

Office Hours

Advisors and faculty can publish office hours in Starfish, allowing students to schedule appointments directly. Customize settings with virtual locations, allowable appointment types, and appointment length.


Give students flexible scheduling options with a kiosk where they can check in for previously scheduled appointments or enter the queue to meet with the next available service provider.

Student Action Items

Keep students on track with personalized action items, including referrals for other resources and to-dos for tasks that need to be completed.

  • Tracking and Visibility
  • Integrated Scheduling
  • Programmable Action Items
Tracking and Visibility

Advisors, faculty, and staff can send students a note, task, or resource referral directly from Starfish. They can see when it’s been received and completed.

Integrated Scheduling

Email, calendars, and appointment systems are integrated to streamline communication and reduce no-shows.

Programmable Action Items

Pre-built templates for messages and workflows allow advisors to automatically “drip” messages to students at specific times, encouraging participation in your most effective interventions.


Starfish not only creates more collaboration, but also a new-found ability to reach struggling students in enough time to help rectify issues.

Joe Murray, Assistant Dean, University Advising Services Florida Atlantic University

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