Unlock insights in your data to improve student success

With Starfish, you can see which actions have the greatest impact on retention and other student success goals, compare performance over time and with other campuses and schools, and identify areas for continual improvement.

Institutional leadership has direct access to view and filter information without delay. You can analyze data without merging spreadsheets or other manual assessments. Research teams have time for deeper examination instead of ad-hoc requests.

Advanced Analytics provides tools to identify students with potential or emerging issues, so advisors and faculty can prioritize outreach where and when the need is greatest.

Starfish is the only solution that builds predictive models for student success in a fully transparent manner, not as a proprietary black box.


  • Proven methodology and data model get you up and running fast
  • Data clears 700+ QA checks to confirm accuracy
  • Self-service reporting and visualizations eliminate bottlenecks
  • Common definitions and metrics help you share information
  • Validated by over a decade of research by WICHE and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Customized based on your institution’s data and history

Advanced Analytics Features

Student Success Analytics

Keep a pulse on the trends of student cohorts or the entire student population with student success analytics.

  • Retention Risk Modeling
  • Completion Scores
  • Student Watchlist
Retention Risk Modeling

Identify retention risks for entire cohorts of students using characteristics or behavioral outcomes that are correlated with retention.

Completion Scores

Understand which segments of your student population are at the greatest risk of not completing their degree on time. Completion time frames are customized for 2-year and 4-year institutions.

Student Watchlist

Create a cohort of at-risk students for export, or develop workflows so advisors, faculty, and staff can take action in Starfish.

Course and Program Effectiveness

Identify stumbling blocks related to particular courses, instructors and sections, and make changes as needed. Find savings by redesigning courses or collapsing sections.

  • Course Outcomes
  • Retention Impact
  • Detailed Data Analysis
Course Outcomes

Examine student success in specific courses or groups of courses by identifying those with the lowest average grades and highest withdrawal and retake rates.

Retention Impact

Success or failure in courses can have a major impact on student retention at the institution, and that impact is greater for some courses than others. Identify the classes that have the biggest positive or negative correlation with retention and student success.

Detailed Data Analysis

Slice the data on courses to see the impact courses have on different students from across the institutions to identify trends by degree program or specific student cohorts.

Historical Measures and Benchmarks

Analyze data to understand trends with students, programs, and drivers of retention and completion. Compare performance over time and with other institutions, and see which actions have the greatest impact on strategic goals.

  • Historical Trends
  • Peer Benchmarking
Historical Trends

Track performance over time to demonstrate progress, spot trends, and identify areas for improvement.

Peer Benchmarking

Compare your institution’s performance against similar colleges and universities to provide context for decision making.

Robust Analytics Ecosystem

Starfish helps you turn your insights into action with built-in dashboard and reporting, integrations with your institution’s existing data systems, and expert support from the Starfish data science consulting team.

  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Integration with LMS, SIS, and More
  • Data Science Support
Dashboards and Reporting

Integrated dashboards and reports give users access to insights on everything from student and course data to historical trends and peer benchmarks. Datasets can also be exported for more powerful custom analyses.

Integration with LMS, SIS, and More

Starfish mines data about student performance recorded within technologies already in place across your institution.  As your institution grows and changes, additional data strengthen the predictive models.

Data Science Support

Hobsons’ data scientists and Strategic Consultants will partner with your institution to unlock the trends in your data that drive student success.

Teaching students during isolation period

We came from a place where the staff who were working with students had no access to data and were truly in the dark. Today, we’re more effective, efficient, and holistic. Starfish has completely transformed everything we do in student success.

Julie Fischer-Kinney, PhD, Assistant Provost for Student Success and Retention University of Toledo

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