Proactive planning helps students build a roadmap to the future

College students are most successful when they make purposeful decisions to focus on a degree or program. You can help students get on the right path, see the sequence of steps ahead, and build momentum toward their goals.

Stronger guidance helps students reduce the number of unproductive credits so they’re more likely to graduate on time and at lower cost.

By knowing what types of careers and academic programs have the greatest demand, you can make sure appropriate courses and resources are available for students when they need them.

  • Complete College of America Technology Trailblazer award winner
  • Exclusive partnership with PAIRIN; 60 years of research and 17 years of job performance measurement

Academic & Career Planning Features

Customizable Academic Plans

Students can see requirements for their academic program of choice and confirm they’re on track to graduate when expected. They can create their own career and degree plans and submit them to advisors for review and approval.

  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Scenario modeling
  • Career Interest Recommendations
Drag-and-drop Interface

Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to adjust schedules, understand dependencies, and plan course loads.

Scenario Modeling

Students can create multiple academic plans to see what dependencies and requirements look like across degree programs.

Career Interest Recommendations

Once students identify careers they are interested in, Starfish will suggest available programs that match their career interests.

Seamless Course Registration

Streamlined registration means spending less time helping students choose and register for courses. Instead, advisors can focus on personalizing guidance and supporting students when they need help.

  • Search for Courses of Interest
  • View Available Degree Programs
  • Integration with SIS and registration systems
Search for Courses of Interest

Students can view the course catalog to browse courses by department or search for courses of interest.

View Available Degree Programs

Students can find programs grouped by credential type, and dive deep into program requirements and prerequisite courses.

Integration with SIS and Registration Systems

Integration with your SIS and registration system lets students go directly from their electronic degree plan to course selection and registration without delay.

Career Exploration

Starfish’s career exploration tools are based on PAIRIN’s 60+ years of research that allows college students to explore career paths that fit with their work experience, strengths, interests, and transferable skills.

  • Careers Assessment
  • Recommended Career Paths
  • Career Explorer
Careers Assessment

Based on PAIRIN’s careers research, this assessment identifies students’ top soft skill attributes.

Recommended Career Paths

Recommended career paths are tailored to students based upon their experience, skills, and interests.

Career Explorer

Students can explore job trends and salaries from over 600 career categories in areas and locations where they want to work after graduation.

Careers Advisor Meeting Female College Student

Starfish's analytics and degree planner are breathing new life into our guided pathways work by simplifying educational planning, helping us identify students in need of support, and proactively reach out to them in ways that are timely and relevant. Having these tools has been a game changer!

Julia Arreguy, Manager of Software Integrations Sierra College

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