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Starfish puts students at the center of a connected ecosystem where advisors, faculty, and staff can work together to empower students to achieve their academic, career, and life goals.

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For advisors:

Spend more time helping students and less on administrative work. Identify students at risk so you can prioritize your workload and personalize your efforts.

For faculty:

Help students stay engaged in the classroom by connecting them to the resources they need to be successful.

For executive leadership:

Ensure students get support at critical points when they are most likely to get stuck or drop out. Align with institutional priorities for retention, equity, and performance-based initiatives.

Democratize data to drive action

Uncover hidden information so you can clearly see risk factors and trends for individual students, specific cohorts, and your entire student population. Empower faculty and staff on the front lines with predictive analytics.

Achieve your institutional goals with a proven partner in student success

With over a decade of experience working with 500+ colleges and universities, Starfish’s team of consultants and practitioners will recommend research-backed strategies for improvement, unlock insights from your data, and partner with you to drive a culture of student success across the campus.

Get up and running in just a few weeks and see results in the first year

From our proven implementation methodology and hands-on training to seamless integrations for your LMS and SIS, Starfish is designed to get results quickly.


We came from a place where the staff who were working with students had no access to data and were truly in the dark. Today, we’re more effective, efficient, and holistic. Starfish has completely transformed everything we do in student success.

Julie Fischer-Kinney, PhD, Assistant Provost for Student Success and Retention University of Toledo

Starfish Capabilities

Advising and Case Management

Personalize your support for students at scale with enhanced case management, early alerts, and seamless communication across campus.

  • Flags and Early Alerts
  • Enhanced Case Management
  • Action Items
  • Intake Forms
  • Built-in Best Practices
  • SIS and LMS Integrations
Flags and early alerts

Starfish raises flags automatically based on grades, attendance, financial information and more, with more than 20 million student flags raised since 2012. Faculty, students, coaches, and others can raise flags at any time, increasing visibility for advisors.

Enhanced case management

See key information on each advisee at a glance. Break down silos by sharing information across departments while easily restricting access for sensitive data.

Action items

Send students a note, task, or referral for resources directly from Starfish and see when it’s received and completed. Email, calendars and appointment systems are integrated to streamline communication and reduce no-shows.

Intake forms

Start on the right foot with effective onboarding. Intake forms increase your understanding of incoming students to help create individualized plans.

Built-in best practices

Discover effective new ways to support students with over 200 research-backed interventions built into Starfish. Share your best practices by contributing to a shared intervention library with your peers.

SIS and LMS integrations

See students’ academic performance in context with up-to-date information in a central portal.

Academic and Career Planning

Students are most successful when they can see their entire path to completion. Help students build a roadmap to the future with customized academic plans based upon past course completion, schedule preferences, and careers of interest.

  • Easy Interface
  • Degree Plans
  • Career Assessment
  • Program-level Insights

Easy interface

Intuitive, drag and drop functionality makes it simple for students to adjust courses, schedules, and goals. Advisors benefit from clear visibility into the student’s academic plan.

Degree plans

Help students create customized, editable electronic education plans based on past course completion, schedule preferences, and careers of interest. By planning ahead, students reduce unproductive credits, so they’re more likely to graduate on time and at a lower cost.

Career assessment

A research-backed assessment helps students match their skills, personality traits, and goals with potential careers. The latest industry data shows students’ current and expected demand for careers in different geographic locations to inform their choices.

Program-level insights

Monitor upcoming course demand based on planned enrollment in student plans. Ensure appropriate courses and resources will be available for students when they need them.

Predictive Analytics

Historical reports and traditional surveys arrive too late to help students struggling right now. You need forward-looking data to deliver effective support at the right time.

  • Retention Scores
  • Research-backed Model

Retention scores

Access up-to-date information on each advisee at a glance, including a retention score that indicates how likely a student is to persist and graduate.

Research-backed model

This is no black box. Our predictive models, backed by 10+ years of research, are fully transparent so you know how risk is calculated. Over 700 data quality checks ensure only the most accurate data are used.

Strategic Insights

Make data-backed decisions that impact your institution’s future. Compare performance over time and with other institutions, and see which actions have the greatest impact on strategic goals. Leadership has direct access to view and filter data without delay. Research teams have time for deeper analysis instead of ad-hoc requests.

  • Historical Trends
  • Peer Benchmarking
  • Analysis of Student Outcomes
  • Analysis of Courses and Programs

Historical Trends

Analyze historical data to understand trends with students, programs, and drivers of retention and completion.

Peer Benchmarking

Stay on course with performance measurements over time and against similar institutions.

Analysis of Student Outcomes

Drive success for key populations by understanding student cohorts according to demographic characteristics, programs of study, and more.

Analysis of Courses and Programs

Evaluate program effectiveness and identify stumbling blocks with data on courses, sections, and instructors.


Starfish not only creates more collaboration, but also a new-found ability to reach struggling students in enough time to help rectify issues. Our scores will go up and so will our funding from the state. We’ve begun to connect the dots between Starfish usage and revenue for the university.

Joe Murray, Assistant Dean, University Advising Services Florida Atlantic University

Our Services

Our team of higher ed experts, data scientists, researchers, and IT pros ensure your campus is set up for success with Starfish.

Strategic Consulting

Readiness diagnostics, planning workshops, and change management resources help you build a strategic, sustainable student success program.

Project Consulting

Drive adoption across campus with personalized Starfish training sessions for administrators, faculty, and staff.

Implementation and Integration

Out-of-the-box integrations with your LMS and customizations make sure your team is self-sufficient and set up for success.

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