Real-world career learning opportunities are the key to success

Every student will have a unique path to the career that is the best fit for them. Whatever path they take, the goal is that all paths lead to a fulfilling and meaningful career.

Access to work-based learning opportunities allows students to enhance their career research and planning, ultimately paving the way for them to meet their future career goals. Work-based learning offers the capability to present the opportunities to help students determine if their interests lead to a good career fit.

In a recent Naviance student survey...


stated that they planned to attend a
4-year college to reach their career aspirations


stated that they felt that they had too few career learning opportunities offered in their school


stated that they would like access to more real-world career learning opportunities, like internships

Students can search, take action on, and track local work-based learning opportunities, such as internships, externships, job shadows, career fairs, field trips, and guest speakers.

School staff can enter available work-based learning opportunities for students to participate in. Staff will have visibility into the career paths students are interested in earlier, allowing them to provide the right activities and supports needed to best help students achieve their postsecondary goals.

Recently Asked Questions

Work-based learning is included in all Naviance solutions.

Work-based learning opportunities will be managed by the school, and school staff will be able to enter available opportunities for students to participate in.

Early access to work-based learning is available for all Naviance clients. Visit the Naviance Help Center to learn more (you must be logged into Naviance to access).

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