Provide tools and resources for students to create transition plans and successfully achieve outcomes

Change can present new challenges for many students, impacting their ability to stay on track toward their goals. Naviance content and activities help students adapt to new situations, cope with changes, and persist when facing obstacles.

  • Success Planner
  • Naviance Curriculum

Transition Skills Features

Success Planner

Success Planner enables each student to have a truly personalized plan of action that provides an effective way for counselors, teachers, and families to monitor and coach students toward achieving their short-term and long-term goals.

Success Planners helps students track their goals to ensure they are prepared to transition to the next stage of their academic career, whether from middle to high school or high school to their chosen postsecondary path.

Naviance Curriculum

Naviance Curriculum is an online, self-paced learning experience for students in grades six to 12 that develops critical skills aligned to the American School Counselor Association’s Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success.

Engaging video and interactive content empower students to learn on their own and allow counselors to maximize time supporting an entire student population. Naviance Curriculum offers lessons related to building transitional skills such as creating a plan to overcome obstacles during summer transitions and understanding the value of financial planning.

Somewhere, there’s a disconnect between what’s happening in junior high and the high school setting. One of the biggest challenges is making that transition as seamless as possible. Now, we can see the career plans that we do in eighth grade. With Naviance it’s all right there.

Amye Chambers, Career Development Facilitator, Fort Smith Public Schools, Arkansas

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