Naviance helps students take charge of their own path

Student engagement hits its lowest point in high school, jeopardizing students’ long-term success.

Naviance helps students uncover their strengths and unique skills so they can develop confidence and see their potential. They connect the dots between their interests and college and career choices and stay motivated to choose the choose their best-fit postsecondary path.

Mobile access and simple layout make Naviance easy to use

Naviance Student is accessible to students and families everywhere via a mobile device, allowing them to stay engaged with a personalized, simplified college and career planning experience.

Naviance supports the College, Career, and Life Readiness Framework®

Naviance is aligned to a research-backed framework that outlines six essential competencies required for postsecondary success: social emotional learning, interpersonal skills, academic skills, career knowledge, college knowledge, and transition skills.

A comprehensive toolset helps you assess your students’ competencies and deliver grade-specific content and activities to strengthen them.

Starting in the 7th grade, every student has an account, and every parent has an account.  We looked to provide them essential piece of information, using the document library, using the quick links, providing videos. For every PTA night, college night, career night, we are having informal or formal Naviance meetings. We gave them a one-stop-shop.

Justin Tamplin, District Naviance Coordinator and House Counselor, Allen High School, Texas

A large number of our students are first-generation college goers. So, when it comes to working with the families, we’re educating the parents themselves on the college procedure.

I love when a parent says, ‘you understand my student so well.’ The transparency connecting the student, the parent, and the educators – that’s the heart of it.

Jamal Walcott, Longwood High School

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