California districts rely on Naviance for a comprehensive college, career, and life readiness solution.

With Naviance, a proven and integrated CCLR platform, school districts across California not only meet state requirements but also promote successful postsecondary success for all students.

Support College, Career and Life Readiness for All Students in California

Support your district’s efforts to measure and track the California College/Career Indicator (CCI) with a centralized, customizable solution that:

  • Helps students satisfy A-G graduation requirements and align plans to California Community Colleges with college credit courses
  • Helps counselors track the CCI Indicator, CTE pathway completion, and the State Seal of Biliteracy
Increase Student Pipeline to California Colleges and Universities

Strengthen the student pipeline to California colleges and universities by improving A-G completion, increasing college application rates and providing personalized student support. With Naviance, students and counselors can:

  • Search for colleges and universities in California that best fit student’s criteria with SuperMatch®
  • Communicate directly with colleges and universities to ask questions and register for college visits
Measure and Track the California College/Career Indicator (CCI) with Naviance Course Planner

Naviance Course Planner allows students to develop a personal graduation plan, including opportunities to explore various Career Technical Education and Industry Sector pathway programs. Identified plans of studies are aligned to their postsecondary goals, interests, and abilities. Naviance Course Planner helps students satisfy A-G graduation requirements and align plans to coordinate with California Community Colleges with college credit courses. Staff can easily track CTE pathway completion and student progress toward State Seal of Biliteracy.

Measure and Track Student Performance with Insights Premium

Naviance Insights Premium enables schools and districts to track student performance towards College/Career Indicators and encourages data-driven decision making by identifying key variables that influence postsecondary outcomes. Track student performance toward college/career goals including college applications, college acceptances, and more.

Student Readiness Report (SRR)

With the Naviance Student Readiness Report (SRR), schools and districts can easily track student progress toward postsecondary goals with students and parents/guardians. This customizable report provides a holistic view of student progress. It can be generated in real time and is easily shareable.


Academic Performance

Course Plan

Enhance Career Exploration and Planning with Work-Based Learning

Naviance enables students to explore various careers, engage in work-based learning opportunities, and build an actionable, individual plan toward their future goals. With Naviance, students have access to work-based learning opportunities that allow them to explore their career interests and find the best-fit career path to reach their future goals.

Provide a Unified Platform to Navigate the Cradle-to-Career Continuum

Expand access to resources that help navigate the cradle-to-career continuum with Naviance, a centralized, customizable solution that ensures every student can advance towards achieving their postsecondary goals.

Comprehensive Platform

Reach 100% of students with comprehensive tools for students and educators.

Advanced Data and Analytics
Analyze outcomes and understand trends to inform your college, career and life readiness strategy.

Course Planning for California
Enable students to create course plans aligned to their career interests and graduation requirements.

Research-Backed Model
Develop students’ mindsets and skill sets for career, college and life readiness.


With Naviance Course Planner, we anticipate our A-G completion rates will improve because students are much more aware of what those requirements are and what they need to do to complete them.

Christy Fraley School Counselor, Kern High School District

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