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Nationally, individual counselors advise nearly 500 students, which is almost twice the caseload ASCA recommends. Naviance saves you time by streamlining course planning, college search, and college applications so you can focus on building the skills and knowledge your students need to be successful.

Naviance supports the College, Career, and Life Readiness Framework®

Naviance is aligned to a research-backed framework that outlines six essential competencies required for postsecondary success: social emotional learning, interpersonal skills, academic skills, career knowledge, college knowledge, and transition skills.

A comprehensive toolset that helps you assess your students’ competencies and deliver grade-specific content and activities to strengthen them.

We really believe that every student is unique and individual and we treat them so. We give them the knowledge that they need to make the right college choice that is the fit. Without Naviance in our school system I don’t know that we would have another effective way to get that job done.

Stephanie Riley, Academic Counselor, Valley International Preparatory High School, California

Our students are planning as they’re developing their skills but more importantly they’re understanding why those skills are important. You have to create that inspiration and Naviance helps them understand the ‘why’ behind what they’re doing.

Dr. Bill Heiser, President, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Maryland

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