Naviance builds college knowledge

By increasing student knowledge about college, Naviance schools have realized a 53% increase in applications to in-state colleges, increased enrollment by 2X at in-state colleges, and increased four-year college enrollment for minority and low-income students.

  • Naviance eDocs
  • SuperMatch®
  • RepVisits
  • Naviance Curriculum
  • Success Planner

College Knowledge Features

Naviance eDocs

Half of all college applications are processed via Naviance, with more than seven million college applications and more than 40 million documents submitted each year.

Naviance eDocs creates an efficient and secure college application process. Schools can submit student application-related transcripts, forms, and recommendations electronically to more than 2,500 colleges and universities, including every Common Application member and Parchment receiver network.

Students, counselors, and families share visibility into the application process. All submissions are recorded and time stamped in Naviance to verify that colleges have received material.


SuperMatch makes it easy for students to explore their postsecondary options and discover colleges that are a match academically and a fit with the experience they seek.

An intuitive search function and onboarding cues ensure students can get started quickly. They can choose to filter their search based on 80 data points, such as retention rate, financial information, student profiles, and test-optional institutions.

Based on their profile and search criteria, students can see an in-depth, side-by-side comparison of higher education institutions and easily pinpoint colleges that are the best fit for them. Academic Match provides students with insight into whether colleges are a safety, match, or reach school based on their academic profile. Results show students exactly how their Fit Score was determined and how they compare to institutional averages.

Students can easily export their top matches to their college application plan.


RepVisits allows schools to connect students with college admission representatives. Students can schedule time to meet with them during school visits.

High school counselors can manage the college visit process by easily and quickly setting up visit schedules and college fairs. College admissions personnel can search and sign up for visits and fairs with the click of a button. Schools can set up in-person or virtual visits to meet their current student needs.

Naviance Curriculum

Naviance Curriculum is an online, self-paced learning experience for students in grades 6-12 that develops critical skills aligned to the American School Counselor Association’s Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success.

Engaging video and interactive content empower students to learn on their own and allow counselors to maximize time supporting an entire student population. Educators are able to measure student readiness at each grade level with a pre- and post-assessment and provide individualized support based on results.

After completing Naviance Curriculum, one third of students improved their College Knowledge by 50% or more.

Success Planner

Success Planner enables each student to have a truly personalized plan of action that provides an effective way for counselors, teachers, and families to monitor and coach students toward achieving their short-term and long-term goals. Schools and districts can customize the college readiness experience by school, grade-level, and group or individual student.

Students can set their own goals and take action on tasks assigned to them by their counselors. Success Planner is a comprehensive tool that truly allows staff to ensure students are engaging with and completing activities that will propel them toward their college related goals.

We really believe that every student is unique. We give them the knowledge they need to make the right college choice that is the right fit. Without Naviance in our school system I don’t know that we would have another effective way to get that job done.

Stephanie Riley, Academic Counselor, Valley International Preparatory High School, California


Students make connections with college admission representatives and schedule times to meet with them during school visits.

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