Provide students with exploration and planning tools to connect interests and strengths to career paths

Career readiness education is vital in supporting students, no matter which pathway they choose. Whether students enroll in a higher education institution, enroll in the military, enter the workforce, or a combination of these, the end goal is that they pursue a fulfilling and meaningful career. Naviance enables students to explore various careers, engage in work-based learning opportunities, and build an actionable individual plan toward their future goals.

  • Career Assessments
  • Resume Builder
  • Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive
  • Career Exploration Tools
  • Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning with Naviance

With Naviance, students have access to work-based learning opportunities that allow them to explore their career interests and find the best-fit career path to reach their future goals.

We looked at the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (state requirements) so Resume Builder came into play. If your course requires that piece, it has to be done in Naviance.

Dustin Tamplen, District Naviance Coordinator and House Counselor, Allen High School, Texas

Career Readiness Features

Career Assessments

Assessments help middle and high school students explore careers that align with their strengths and interests. ​Students can learn about requirements for specific careers, explore local and national salaries, and create a plan to reach career goals.

  • Career Key encourages exploration of a variety of occupations and accurately matches students to careers that best fit their strengths for long-term success.
  • Career Interest Profiler helps high school students discover more than 1,000 careers and learn and identify which specific careers match their profile and interests.

Resume Builder

Resume Builder provides students with step-by-step guidance for creating an effective resume, which can be exported in PDF or Word format and used to apply for internships and jobs.

Naviance helps create 500,000 resumes each year.

Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive

The Roadtrip Nation interview archive is a digital career exploration tool that enables students to discover new pathways, interests, and ambitions. The archive includes more than 7,000 full-length video interviews conducted by young people, chronicling the diverse personal stories of leaders who have turned their interests into their life’s work.

Students can find videos that are a good match for them based on interest or thematic categories, or by answering a few questions to help tailor specific leaders and experiences to each student.

Career Exploration Tools

Understanding various careers and the training they require enables students to build a pathway to a meaningful career based on their strengths and interests.

With the career exploration and planning tools in Naviance, students will gain exposure to career areas of interest and learn what is required for them to reach their career goals. Students are guided to careers that match their interests to help them find best-fit careers, explore local and national wages, and create a plan to reach career goals.

Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning enables schools to present students with career learning opportunities that will help them gain experience and determine their best-fit career.

  • Students can view, act on, and track local work-based learning opportunities, such as internships, externships, job shadows, career fairs, field trips, and guest speakers.
  • Schools can enter available virtual or in-person work-based learning opportunities for students to participate in.

Access to work-based learning opportunities allows students to enhance their career research and planning, ultimately paving the way for them to identify their best-fit career path after high school.

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Funding support to help build career knowledge competencies

The Perkins Act affords states and local communities the opportunity to implement a vision for career exploration and preparation that strengthens the connections between secondary and postsecondary education. It supports the educational needs of students and balances those needs with the current emerging needs of the economy.

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