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When data is used to help create the story, the picture becomes more realistic and engaging. Structured goal setting throughout the readiness planning process helps you build a concrete plan for success. Easily accessed metrics ensure you set appropriate targets and measure performance, including for different student groups and sub-groups.

Naviance’s analytics and reporting solutions track more than just completion of readiness activities. You can also track outcomes over time to see how your school or district alumni succeed in college. Those findings can help you advise current students and continually improve your program.

Analytics & Reporting Features

Naviance Insights

A part of all Naviance subscriptions, Naviance Insights tracks student performance toward eight college-related goals, including:

College Applications

  • Applied to college
  • Applied to 2-year or 4-year college

College Acceptances

  • Accepted to at least one college
  • Accepted at 2-year or 4-year college

College Enrollment

  • Accepted to college but has not enrolled
  • Enrolled in college the first year after high school

College Persistence and Completion

  • Persisted to sophomore year
  • Completed a college degree

You can filter your analysis by gender, ethnicity, student group, ACT score, SAT score, district zone, and high school to understand how different factors impact college outcomes.

Naviance Insights Premium

Insights Premium allows you to easily identify more actionable insights. Build reports based on 17 key success indicators that research shows are most likely to influence college outcomes, including:

Academic Variables

  • Number of Math Courses Taken
  • Number of Courses Taken
  • Number of CTE Courses Taken
  • Number of AP Exams Taken

Demographic and Institutional Variables

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

  • High School Attended
  • District Zones
  • Customized Group in Naviance

College Preparation Variables

  • Number of Colleges Applying To
  • Number of Colleges Thinking About
  • Top 25 Colleges Applied To
  • SAT Score
  • ACT Score

Naviance Usage Variables

  • Number of Success Planner Tasks Completed
  • Number of Visits to Naviance
  • Resume Completion in Naviance

In addition, with Insights Premium you can create customized Student Readiness Reports (SRRs) to share with students and families. By sharing progress toward goals, you can improve communication with families and increase student engagement with readiness activities. Reports are automatically populated to include a student’s most recent Naviance activity and can be shared within Naviance or provided as a PDF.

Student Readiness Report

Easily keep families better informed about their student’s path to college, career and life readiness. Available with Naviance Insights Premium subscription, Naviance Student Readiness Report’s holistic, customizable and shareable view of student progress gives counselors and other student advocates a tool for productive college and career readiness conversations with everyone involved in a student’s success.

Careers Academic Performance
Course Plan & History

It’s not always easy to determine the impact that college readiness programs have on students’ success. Naviance Insights allows me (as well as counselors) to do this, right in Naviance, in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Manager of Postsecondary Initiatives Chicago Public Schools

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