Provide one place for students to explore interests and plan for success

Naviance helps students see the connection between their interests and academic achievement. The connection keeps students more motivated, more likely to take rigorous courses, and more likely to succeed.

  • Course Planner
  • Success Planner

Academic Skills Features

Course Planner

Course Planner helps students create course plans aligned to their career interests and graduation requirements, allowing students to see how their plans today connect to their future.

Your school’s course catalog and plans of study are configured within Naviance so that students can develop an individual graduation plan. The easy-to-use grid organized by class year and requirement allows students to visualize their goals, see entrance requirements for colleges of their choice, and identify any gaps in their plans.

Counselors and leadership can easily track course plan activity, pathway choices, and progress at the individual student level, school and district level, as well as for specific cohorts or demographics. You’ll see which courses have the most demand so you can plan ahead.

Integration into Naviance Insights Premium allows you to analyze course data against overall student outcomes for applications, acceptance, enrollment, persistence, and graduation to two- and/or four-year colleges.

Success Planner

Success Planner enables each student to have a truly personalized plan of action that provides an effective way for counselors, teachers, and parents to monitor and coach students toward achieving their short-term and long-term goals.

When we introduced Course Planner, it was so student-friendly, we were very wowed by it. It has the assessment piece attached to the course planning so students could see, ‘this is who I am and these are the course offerings.’ It being all in one place was really powerful.

Stephanie Freeman, Career Development Facilitator, Fort Smith Public Schools, Arkansas

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