Show Students You Understand Their Needs and Can Help Them Achieve Their Goals

As students progress through the college search process, they refine fit and interest criteria to decide where they will apply. Advanced Awareness helps you promote your institution to prospective students based on their interests and priorities. As a result, students find best-fit institutions they might otherwise have overlooked and are more likely to apply and enroll. By prioritizing the audiences who match your enrollment goals, you increase your ability to shape the profile of your incoming class of students.

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Present Relevant Messages Based on Multiple Criteria

Define the student audiences you want to reach and present relevant messages. Advanced Awareness allows you to customize your outreach according to majors, locations, competitive institutions, and optional diversity segments.

Using Advanced Awareness means that students who match on multiple criteria with your institution are:

  • 72% more likely to view your institution’s profile
  • 108% more likely to add your institution to their list
  • 70% more likely to connect with you to learn more

Advanced Awareness for Competitors

Introduce your school to students who have demonstrated interest in institutions you consider close competitors.

Advanced Awareness for Majors

Prioritize students interested in programs or majors that your school offers.

Institutions that use Advanced Awareness have higher rates of prospective student engagement than those that do not.


Advanced Awareness allows us to tailor messages to students that are a good fit for our institution and hopefully entice them to connect. This tool provides us with the ability to reach potential students that are looking at similar competitor institutions that might otherwise not explore WVU.

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