Increase retention outcomes by recruiting college-ready students

Institutions that effectively reach and connect with high school students who use Naviance are 32% more likely to increase their retention rates than those that don’t.

Intersect’s exclusive integration with Naviance ensures your recruitment efforts reach high school students who plan to go to college and have thoughtfully developed their college search criteria. Naviance students have expanded counselor support, which leads to higher academic achievement and greater college persistence, retention, and graduation rates.

Make institutional decisions with actionable insights

Pinpoint recruitment efforts that have the greatest impact on your goals for current and future classes.

See which academic and extracurricular programs garner the most interest from prospective students so you can decide which of your offerings to promote and where to develop additional capabilities.


We put great value in our relationship with Intersect. We were able to go in and identify some markets where we were not matching with students and where we were seeing a decline in enrollment. We made some quick changes and we’ve seen growth again in that market.

Tara Fay-Reilly, Director of Undergraduate Admissions Manhattan College

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