Generate high-intent inquiries by reaching students in an impactful way

Put your institution in the best position to meet objectives by connecting with prospective students who are more likely to apply, admit, and enroll than those sourced through traditional channels.

Instead of buying lists and hoping students are interested in your school, allow them to raise their hands when they’re interested, share their contact information, and establish a unique, mutual relationship — all within the platform where they already conduct most of their college research.

Actionable insights guide strategic decisions and communications

By referencing emerging trends in applicant interests, you can guide strategic discussions about how your institution can weather the coming decrease in high school graduates.

Insight-driven strategies help you stay ahead of the curve so you can focus your recruitment efforts on best-fit students and meet a multitude of enrollment goals.

Access to student search behaviors helps you customize communication, increasing conversion at every point in the enrollment pipeline.


How do you make yourself distinctive over all the noise of all the other schools out there? It’s seeking students that are a best fit. As an Intersect partner that’s really what we are looking for, tools that help us find students that are a match.

Jay Murray, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services Western Connecticut State University

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