Increase conversion rates at every stage of the admission cycle

Intersect boosts awareness with students who are the best fit for your institution and nurtures their interest throughout their college exploration processes.

When prospective students connect with colleges through Intersect, they’re 54% more likely to apply, 82% more likely to be admitted, and 91% more likely to enroll.

Streamline your recruitment process

Simplify the experience for prospective students and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your team.

Admission counselors

Build relationships with high school counselors and students. Reduce travel and save time and resources.

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Enrollment managers

Showcase your institution to students most likely to enroll. Engage with students in an impactful way.

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Executive leadership

Yield a class of students that meets your goals. Attract students proven to persist and retain at higher levels.

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Intersect Capabilities

Showcase Your School

Showcase what’s special about your school and enrich students’ understanding of your academic programs and culture.

Enhanced College Profiles amplify your appeal through engaging visual content. Enhanced Profiles receive four times more views than basic profiles.

Awareness for Scholarships strategically promotes your auto-considered merit scholarships in Naviance and matches them to students who fit their criteria.

Counselor Community helps you build relationships with over 71,000 high school counselors and share information about your institution.

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Reach Best-Fit Students

Students who are the best match for you are more likely to matriculate. Instead of casting a wide net, put your energy into developing relationships with students whose interests match your offerings.

  • Advanced Awareness for Majors puts you in front of students based on their indicated major of interest.
  • Advanced Awareness for Competitors promotes your institution to students who are considering your competitors.

Using Advanced Awareness means that students who match on multiple criteria with your institution are:

  • 72% more likely to view your profile
  • 108% more likely to add you to their list
  • 70% more like to connect

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Attract Inbound Inquiries

With Connection, prospective students raise their hands to demonstrate interest and can choose to share their contact information with you directly from their Naviance search. This creates a unique, mutual connection that provides a high-intent student inquiry ready for engagement.

Rather than buying lists, students can use Connection to contact you when they’re ready to learn more.

Students that use Connection are:

  • 54% more likely to apply
  • 82% more likely to admit
  • 91% more likely to enroll

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Understand Student Behavior

Take the guesswork out of recruitment. Based on more than 30 million SuperMatch searches annually, SuperMatch Insights provides clear analytics to better understand student college search behavior.

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Streamline Visit Scheduling

Increase efficiency and reduce travel by optimizing your in-person and virtual high school visits and recruitment events.

Premium RepVisits
Book virtual or in-person visits directly with over 4,200 high schools. In comparison to institutions that use the free version of RepVisits, institutions that use Premium RepVisits book 88% more appointments, with an average increase of 27% per rep.

Bring more best-fit students virtually or physically to campus by promoting your information sessions and other events to specific audiences.

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Intersect has allowed Caldwell to identify best-fit students for our institution in both our primary and new markets. With the already impressive market penetration of Naviance, Intersect puts you in front of the right students, at the right time.

Stephen Quinn, Vice President of Enrollment Management & Communications Caldwell University (NJ)

Reach best-fit students at 13,000 Naviance high schools

Intersect’s exclusive integration with Naviance helps you find students who are good matches. It connects you with 40% of U.S. high school students within the platform where they’re conducting their college research. Nearly 90% of students who use Naviance plan to go to college. They have expanded counselor support, which leads to higher academic achievement, greater persistence, and higher retention rates.


The growing Naviance footprint

Utilize Intersect to reach an engaged Naviance student audience across the United States

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Gain insights on how to shape your class by analyzing Naviance and non-Naviance students in your current enrollment phases.

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