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We provide educational consulting services to help with the technical implementation of products, training and professional development to ensure our users know how to get the most out of our products, and support services to help users with issues they may come across as they use our products.

Implementation Consulting

Hobsons provides consulting services that focus on the technical implementation of our solutions to schools and districts and higher education institutions. Our services include best practices and guidance for rolling out our solutions across your institution to ensure staff and student adoption.
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Training & Professional Development

The Hobsons training team is dedicated to ensuring administrative users, students, and families understand how to use our solutions to effectively achieve their objectives. We offer a variety of instructor-led and web-based training options to help end users effectively leverage our solutions throughout their institution.
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Have an issue? You can reach our expert support team to submit a ticket or get help troubleshooting an issue in real-time.
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Predictive Analytics

The Starfish Analytics platform uses data elements defined and validated by the PAR Framework and its original member institutions. By using these variables in strategic combinations, Starfish Analytics crafts meaningful outcome measures, actionable predictors of student risk, all aligned to specific measurable interventions, which further highlights the importance of common definitions and risk classifiers.
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Outsourced Services

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We help your institution identify opportunities to improve its processes – from online marketing to enrollment management services and international student recruitment and retention services. We will work with you on determining the best strategy for your institution in these areas, and deliver the people and expertise needed to help you implement that strategy.

Online Program Management

We provide enrollment counseling and digital marketing solutions to help you build your online programs and allow you to engage with students as they search about your institution’s offerings. We can help you with paid search campaigns, display and social media advertising, email marketing campaigns, website design and management.
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Enrollment Management Services

We can work with you on delivering consulting and services on how to increase student enrollment at your institution. We help your institution identify opportunities to improve student recruitment and retention performance by providing practical recommendations that leverage your unique strengths and available resources to help turn opportunities into a successful reality. All the while our focus is on maximizing your return on investment. We offer seasoned marketing expertise on demand, lead management and nurturing services, market segmenting services, recruitment process analysis and optimization, and market research.
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International Student Services

In an increasingly competitive market, you need to reach and connect with students that are a good fit for your institution. Let us help you streamline the communication, recruitment, and enrollment process so you can engage with the right students at the right time through the right channels.
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