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Introducing Starfish 7 (August 17)

We've launched Starfish 7, the latest release of the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform. This webinar features highlights on the new capabilities introduced this past year and a preview of things to come.

Introducing Starfish 7 (August 10)

We've launched Starfish 7, the latest release of the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform. This webinar features highlights on the new capabilities introduced this past year and a preview of things to come.

Examining Your Student Support Interventions: Making Smart Decisions with Limited Resources

This webinar features a discussion of how to take a 360-degree approach to examine campus success efforts and provide insights into what’s working so that you can build a culture of student success.

Improving the Odds of Successful Upward Transfer

The American Council on Education (ACE) and Hobsons recently completed the first of three studies to predict how, when, and why community college students transfer to four-year colleges and universities. In this webinar, researchers from ACE's Center for Policy Research and Strategy (CPRS) will discuss the report findings and key predictors of upward transfer for students who enroll in community college directly after high school.

RepVisits – Taking the Pain Out of Visit Scheduling (May 18)

Scheduling visits to high schools can be a time-consuming process for both school counselors and admission counselors. That’s why Erica White, former school counselor and now a Product Manager at Hobsons, created RepVisits in 2015. RepVisits brings high schools and college admission counselors together on one website to schedule appointments and organize college fairs.

RepVisits – Taking the Pain Out of Visit Scheduling

Scheduling visits to high schools can be a time-consuming process for both school counselors and admission counselors. That’s why Erica White, former school counselor and now a Product Manager at Hobsons, created RepVisits in 2015. RepVisits brings high schools and college admission counselors together on one website to schedule appointments and organize college fairs.

The Art of Texting Students

We’ve all heard that today’s students prefer text messages to just about any other communication medium. But how do you use text messaging effectively? When should you text? Which topics are ‘text-worthy’? What kind of tone should texts have? And how do you incorporate text messaging into your communication strategy – and, more importantly, into your overall enrollment plan? Learn the answers to these and many other burning questions so you can decide whether text messaging is something you should pursue and how to do it successfully.

Getting Serious about Student Retention at SUNY Broome

This webinar focuses on advice and “lessons learned” in the early stages of implementing the Starfish platform at a community college. As Heather Darrow said, “In the beginning it seemed very abstract – I know it can be hard to conceptualize how Starfish will work. But I figured it out, and others can too. I look forward to helping other schools!”

“It Takes a Village” - Building Relationships to Ensure Student Success in Admissions

Hobsons is introducing a new community to help school counselors and college admissions officers network more effectively. We believe that creating close working relationships and simplifying connections between professionals "on both sides of the desk" can be a huge benefit to students. Join us for this webinar to learn more about the Hobsons Counselor Community - what it is, what it means for you and your students, and how you can participate.

Opportunities to Engage First Year Students at Community Colleges

As part of the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) led by the Chancellor’s Office, Los Medanos College began implementing tools from the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform – specifically, early alert and degree planning – in 2015. In this Webinar, you’ll learn about their recipe for implementing student success technologies within a statewide initiative.

Naviance: What’s New and Notable for 2016-17

In this webinar, you’ll learn what’s new in Naviance for the 2016-17 school year. You’ll also receive a preview of what’s on the horizon.

Increasing Retention Through an Integrated Student Experience Approach

This webinar will focus on effective implementation strategies, student success and retention outcomes, lessons learned and NECC’s plans for an integrated student experience using Starfish to increase student retention and success.

Move from Marketing to Matching in College Admissions

Join Amy Reitz, Director of Product Management for Matching Solutions, to learn how Hobsons is helping universities move from marketing to matching in the college admission process and building tools to foster better collaboration between high schools and higher education institutions.

From Throwing Stones to Creating Ripples: Ramapo’s Approach to Student Success

Participants of this session will hear a case study of Ramapo’s implementation and execution of Starfish and how intentionality, collaboration, and closing the loop have increased student success. In the process, Ramapo has learned that using Starfish not only allowed us to better connect with our students, but enabled us to better connect with ourselves. We will review specific examples of how student success metrics have improved as a result of Starfish implementation on our campus and also examples of how student-focused offices have leveraged the technology to create ripple effects that extend campus-wide.

California College Readiness Block Grants

The upcoming release of $200 million dollar in block grants for college and career readiness by the California Department of Education signals a growing focus on preparing California students for life after high school and long-term success. Join a panel of educators and experts for a timely Webinar to better understand the opportunities and the implications of the grants.

K-12 and Community College Partnerships for Access, Readiness, and Success

With an increasing focus on dual enrollment and college access, K-12 institutions and community colleges have put an emphasis on working together to provide the best experience for students. Join Dr. Mary Rittling and Dr. David Schuler as they discuss partnerships developed in their communities to increase access to community college, prepare students to be college-ready, and to foster student success in high school, college, and beyond.

Using Starfish to Support Student Success in Online Learning

At Quinsigamond Community College (QCC), the combination of an Online Liaison Service and Starfish is helping online students be more successful. QCC leverages Starfish to improve communication processes between the online liaison, online students needing assistance, and faculty members, with positive results on student performance and engagement across 200 online classes each semester. During this webinar, QCC will discuss how the online process with Starfish evolved and the success stories related to this service.

Naviance eDocs & The Common Application: Updates for 2016-17

We’ve made a few changes to the way Naviance eDocs and The Common Application work together, including several requested enhancements. Learn more in this pre-recorded webinar.

Guided Pathways and iPASS: Supporting Student Success from Start to Finish

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College, the newest community college in the City University of New York, is an equity-driven, guided learning pathways institution. Having just completed our fourth year, Guttman’s educational model is proving to be successful in helping students make timely progress towards degree completion; our two- and three-year graduation rates are well above the national average.

Change Management: 6 Keys to Getting Everyone on Your Student SUccess Train

Syracuse University is one of the foremost contributors when it comes to the advancement of theories on retention and student success. By recognizing that true undergraduate excellence is achieved when attention is paid to the “whole student,” they are working collaboratively to create the conditions that support teaching, learning, retention, and success. One of the indispensable fundamentals of creating a successful student success initiative is buy-in from all of the stakeholders. Join Kalpana (Kal) Srinivas, Ph.D., as she shares the keys to how Syracuse University is successfully managing the campus changes associated with Orange Success

Dual Enrollment: A Strategy for Career Readiness Webinar

AASA, The School Superintendents Association, has partnered with Hobsons to explore ways to support better educational decision-making at each point in the learning lifecycle. Recently, Hobsons conducted a survey with AASA to assess the current state of dual enrollment in US high schools to develop a better understanding on the perceived benefits of such programs and whether they can be an effective indicator for diagnosing student readiness for college. Join us for a free webinar where Dr. David R. Schuler, President of AASA, and Dr. Ellen Wagner, Hobsons’ Vice President of Research, will share results of that survey, and discuss leveraging dual enrollment for accelerating college completion and enhancing career readiness for students.

Intersect Events: A new way to find and engage best-fit students

ActiveMatch Events, a new service from Hobsons, allows those students to discover and register for on-campus events at best-fit colleges within Naviance, the world’s most widely used college and career planning tool. Join our webinar to learn more about this new offering and how students can discover best-fit college options and higher education institutions can leverage the Naviance Network to make deeper connections with best-fit students.

Leveraging Career Key to Energize Students AND Meet Standards

As all counselors know, career discovery and planning is a multi-dimensional process to which students respond differently. Combining results from tools available through Naviance, Career Key and Strengths Explorer, gives students a richer view into careers that satisfy their interests, match their personality and emphasize their strengths and talents.

How to Personalize ASCA Competencies

ASCA's Mindsets and Behaviors competencies are excellent benchmarks to ensure student success in academics, careers, and social/emotional pursuits, but can be a lot for counselors and educators to take on. Learn how AchieveWORKS can personalize the ASCA competencies for students. AchieveWORKS assessments can make learning personalized by identifying focus areas so that students take ownership of the competencies they need most.

Starfish 360 Award Spotlight: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Join Amy Goodburn, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as she takes you through recent initiatives implemented in areas of student success and retention. Hear how the use of Starfish by Hobsons has amplified UNL's efforts, how the university is measuring outcomes, and discover best practices for engagement within your campus community.

The Viability Compass: Using Data to Guide Program Expansion

Join Jay Bookout, Business Analysis Director, as he walks through this thought process and answers questions on why measuring viability is an important first step in online program management.

Creating a Dynamic, Reactive Communication Model From Scratch

With more and more students interested in professional education and diminishing resources to meet these demands, Paul Allen, Director of Recruiting at the Professional MBA program at the University of South Carolina helped create a fully automated, dynamic, and reactive communication model. Join our webinar to review the case study of his program and learn best practices that led to achieving an average open rate of 50% across all communications. In addition, this session will walk attendees through the stages of evaluating, planning, designing, and implementing their own similar model.

What’s New With Naviance 2015

Join us for a look at the changes and enhancements to Naviance in the past 12 months! We’ve introduced new features and improved usability to help students and school staff with course planning, application processing, test preparation, and more. You will also get a preview of what’s on the horizon for Naviance.

Knowing, Applying, and Implementing Your Strengths and the Strengths of Your Students

Join Gallup’s advanced consultant JerLene Mosley as she shares data and best practices about strength-based development for school educators, staff and students. Strengths development accelerates engagement; learn more about how “doing what we do best” means better days for everyone.

Talking About Race, Class, and College Access | Insight on How Higher Education Leaders are Thinking

The American Council on Education’s Center for Policy Research and Strategy, in collaboration with Pearson’s Center for College & Career Success and The Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles, recently embarked on a groundbreaking study to examine how legal challenges to race-conscious admissions are influencing contemporary admissions practices at selective colleges and universities.

College Search Secrets Revealed! Real Insights from Students and Parents

There are plenty of statistics and strategies floating around today to help institutions decide what communication channels are most effective and how to increase response rates. But, reports have shown that student communication preferences aren’t very clear and they’ll respond to an array of communications from institutions.

How to Capture Attention and Drive More Students Toward Enrollment

Thanks to technology like smartphones and tablets that makes searching the internet easy and engaging, the expected online experience for students is changing. It doesn’t matter whether a student is buying a pair of shoes – or a college education – today’s generation expects short, instant and relevant information delivered in a way that meets individual wants, needs and lifestyle.

Digital Engagement for Student Success

Dr. Rosemary Hayes will provide participants with a clear understanding of the limitations of current fragmented retention practices, the key benefits of a strategic digital engagement approach to student success, and the practical considerations for engaging the key players in the success of students.

State of CRM in Higher Education

The 2014-2015 AACRAO and Hobsons State of CRM in Higher Education Survey was conducted with the goals of measuring the extent of ownership and impact of CRM applications at U.S. higher education institutions. Survey results indicated that 80 percent of respondents reported an increase in efficiency with the use of CRMs. However, the survey also showed that two-thirds of respondents indicated that their institution is not maximizing its use of their CRM.

Facebook Marketing and its place in Paid, Earned, and Owned Media

Join Justin Estrada, Media Planner at Hobsons as he shares best practices on how to tap into this large market and target the right students using Facebook. Content will focus on students who aren’t currently familiar with your brand or are considering you on their short lists.

Hobsons & Starfish Connecting Learning and Life from Start to Finish

Hobsons and Starfish Retention Solutions are combining to provide a world-class focus on student success across the student lifecycle. Join us for a webinar as we introduce our offerings to clients around the globe and discuss how, together, Hobsons and Starfish will deliver a premier set of offerings to enhance student success from start to finish.

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