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How to Foster Engagement and Hope in Underserved Students - Ladder of Hope Webinar Series - Step 1

Join us for our five part webinar series around The Ladder of Hope, where we will discuss the 5 ways you can increase underserved student engagement. Stay tuned each week for the next webinar. To accommodate your schedule, each webinar will last 10-15 minutes and is available to download at your convenience!

Leveraging Technology to Close Equity Gaps

This webinar will showcase what it means to put equity at the center of a college's strategy and how student success technology can improve and strengthen efforts to ensure equitable outcomes for all students.

Student Success: An Admissions and Enrollment Officer’s Secret Weapon

This session will focus on how your institution’s creative and rigorous student support network can be a valuable asset.

Improving Degree Attainment Rates Among Community College Transfer Students

In this webinar, Dr. Jonathan Turk, Senior Policy Research Analyst at The American Council on Education’s Center for Policy Research and Strategy (CPRS), will discuss findings from a recent study that examines the impact of earning an associate degree prior to transfer on the probability of completing a bachelor’s degree.

Starfish by Hobsons: CCA Seal of Approval Winner

Starfish is a proud recipient of Complete College America's 2017 Technology Seal of Approval. Join our team for a webinar to see how the Starfish platform supports Guided Pathways and keeps students on track to complete their goals.

A Holistic Framework for Guided Pathways Implementation

Download this webinar to hear about Reedley College's framework for implementing student success technologies in order to align with Guided Pathways.

Top Strategies for Building an Intervention Inventory

Learn about the value of documenting, measuring, and sharing your campus’ student success interventions

Make your travel matter: optimize in-person student connections with RepVisits

Whether you dread recruitment travel or love it, you need to make the most of the time you spend outside your office. Creating more opportunities to meet with students and introduce them to your institution will help make your travel more rewarding and productive.

Starting Early: Working with Underserved Middle School Students

Learn how schools and districts are starting early to prepare underserved students for a future built around their strengths and interests.

Student Success Spotlight: Guttman Community College

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College has achieved considerable success to date in terms of graduation and transfer rates. Join us for an engaging conversation around how Guttman has increased faculty, staff, and advisors’ ability to communicate with students and colleagues to help students “connect to success.”

Superintendents’ Perspectives on College and Career Readiness: Results of a Nationwide Study

What do superintendents believe are the largest roadblock students encounter in applying to college? What challenges do students encounter when trying to find a meaningful career? Superintendents share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities related to preparing students for life after high school.

Student in School Library

A Vision for Guided Pathways with Starfish by Hobsons

Join Starfish experts who will take you step-by-step through one student’s journey at a community college, with all the opportunities and challenges that may entail.

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