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Shifting Student Behavior: Interventions & Other Strategies to Help Colleges & Their Students

College is about choices -- good choices and poor choices, informed choices and not-so-informed choices -- that students make every day and every semester.

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Using Starfish Early Alert to Close Equity Gaps on Campus

In this webinar, North Carolina’s designated Starfish Account & Consulting teams will walk participants through the existing equity gap in North Carolina and how it is impacting students across the state.

Meet Enrollment Goals with High Value Inquiries

Learn how you can maximize data and segmentation to meet your enrollment goals in this webinar!

Unlock Your Funnel

Learn about how Intersect can help you to unlock your funnel with insights through a Naviance Class Share Analysis in this 15 minute webinar!

Communicating with Your Best-Fit Students

Looking for tips to improve what you’re saying to best-fit students? In this webinar we will look at tips to make your communication cut through the clutter.

Student in School Library

HSI 2018 Session: The Art of the Nudge - Optimizing Outreach for Maximum Impact

HSI 2018 Presentation from Loralyn Taylor, Director, Analytics for University Student Success Initiatives, Ohio University

Student with backpack

HSI 2018 Session: Blazing a Trail with Guided Pathways

HSI 2018 Presentation from Stephanie Curry, Faculty Grant Coordinator and Michelle Stricker, Student Success and Support Program Coordinator, Reedley College

Students Using Social Skills to Work in a Group

Shifting Demographics & Insights from the Naviance Class of 2018

The Naviance Class of 2018 includes more than one million students - in this session, we cover insights and demographics gleaned from this student population.

Taking a gap year in your education

A New Roadmap For Student Success

Today’s students need a new roadmap for navigating the many pathways in life—from managing the middle to high school transition and creating a post-graduation plan to exploring and preparing for a meaningful career.

Build Your Class Webinar Series Part 2: Best Connections

Our connections are with Naviance students demonstrating interest and applying and enrolling at extraordinary rates. Check out this 15-minute webinar on the value of best-connections and high value prospective student inquiries.

Naviance Insights: Telling the Story Behind Your Data - July 10

In this short summer webinar, you’ll learn how Naviance Insights can help you tell the story behind your data. Naviance Insights is a series of dashboards that help you understand and analyze your college outcomes, enabling you to build a college readiness strategy on proven results.

Visit More Best-Fit Students: Building Connections through Events

Bringing students to campus is a crucial part of the admissions process. Learn how you can show your institution to more best-fit students and enhance your prospective student connections in this 15 minute webinar! Join us on June 28th at 2:30 pm EDT!

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