Webinar: Web-Based Delivery Modes and Student Success

The emergence of covid-19 has prompted many institutions of higher learning to consider extending online and hybrid course offerings. The effectiveness of these delivery modes, however, remains a subject of debate among academic researchers and practitioners. 

In this webinar recording, we will expand on previous research to examine the relationship between different levels of online and hybrid course taking and student retention, paying extra attention to how these relationships might differ by course load, age, and other demographic factors. This study includes over 120,000 students from 23 universities and community colleges who first began taking courses between Fall 2015 and Spring 2018.

The webinar will detail our findings, discuss insights and limitations of the results for institutions expanding online and hybrid course offerings, and reserve time for open Q&A and discussion.

Featured Speakers:

  • Dr. Karen Swan, James J. Stukel Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Illinois – Springfield
  • Scott James, Data Scientist, Starfish
  • Chris Bridges, Strategic Consultant, Starfish

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Topics Higher Ed Student Success and Advising

Student Success & Advising

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