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This year, educators are facing an unprecedented challenge of continuing to provide support to students in a distance learning environment. The Naviance team is here to help with capabilities to address many challenges and concerns educators face. In this blog, we outline key challenges related to student engagement, social and emotional well-being, college readiness, parent engagement, and accountability and reporting; and the specific Naviance solutions clients can leverage to help solve those challenges.

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Student Engagement

Challenge: Students will not be in the building to meet with their counselor face-to-face.

Naviance’s email functionality provides counselors with the ability to communicate to students or groups of students on their assignments and progress. In addition, using Success Planner, counselors can assign grade-specific activities to be completed online by students and track student progress.

Challenge: Educators will be overwhelmed with identifying which online learning resources are most effective and engaging for students, not passive and dull.

Naviance Curriculum enables teachers to engage with students online to complete interactive, impactful lessons on topics related to self-discovery, support network, success skills, financial planning and more.

Social & Emotional Well-Being

Challenge: Students will feel isolated and alone while learning and may lack an in-person support network.

Naviance surveys provide school staff with the ability to assess how students are feeling through wellness surveys and identify any mental health concerns. In addition, the Roadtrip Nation videos provide stories and advice for students on themes such as self-doubt, perseverance, self-reflection, courage, determination and more. Naviance Curriculum also provides lessons on Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Challenge: Not having students in class will widen the equity gap as not all students have access to digital devices and internet connectivity.

Naviance is mobile responsive, available on any device to reach students where they are. In addition, students can utilize paper-based lesson plans that cover key activities to complete in Naviance.

Challenge: Teachers will not be with students in-person in the classroom to adjust their teaching styles to how students learn best.

Naviance assessments inform teachers and counselors about students’ personalities, learning styles, preferences and strengths so they can communicate more effectively to help students achieve to the best of their ability.

College Readiness

Challenge: Colleges will not be offering in-person campus tours.

Virtual tours on the college profile pages bring the campus tour experience to the students. With a completely immersive experience, these tours make students feel as if they are actually on campus from the comfort of their own homes.

Challenge: College representatives will not be visiting high schools in person.

Virtual visits can be set up via RepVisits so students can engage with a college representative online. These virtual information sessions provide students an opportunity to have small group discussions, make contact with an admissions representative, and get their most pressing questions answered.

Parent Engagement

Challenge: Parents will have difficulty staying informed on student progress as students may not be in the school buildings.

Naviance offers a single sign-on via SAML SSO for parents to help make it easy for them to login and support their student’s activities. Self-paced introductory videos also assist parents with getting started.

Accountability & Reporting

Challenge: Educators will look to collaborate more than ever to improve learning and make it more impactful.

Naviance provides a large network of counselors, teachers and higher ed professionals via the counselor community to facilitate discussions and provide online support. Naviance webinars also provide a way to connect with product experts and power users to learn how to best use Naviance when students are not physically in the classroom.

Challenge: Educators will have difficulty assessing students’ progress as they are not there in person with students.

Naviance Reporting provides visibility into student progress on college, career and life planning activities as well as academic progress to know if students are on track. Naviance Course Planner provides educators and parents with visibility into course requirements, course rigor and how students are progressing toward graduation requirements and their chosen career pathway.

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