The Importance of School Counselors

To celebrate National School Counseling Week, we wanted to recognize the everyday superheroes we call school counselors. While they may not have great wall-climbing ability or wear fancy masks, counselors have other super powers that students, parents, and staff members may not even realize.


Take one look at a school counselor’s calendar and you’ll know that he or she obviously has this superpower. A counselor has the ability to tackle hundreds of things in a day, from an early morning meeting with parents, to advising an organization on campus, to helping a student plan her future, to conducting financial aid workshops at night. For any mortal this would be an impossible task, but for school counselors, superspeed is their normal speed.


School counselors often have the ability to know what is happening in student’s lives without being in constant contact with them. With the use of technology, conversations with families, teachers and staff, and an insane spidey-sense, school counselors can anticipate issues before they become crises, check in with students who need them before they know they are in need, and know what’s happening in every corner of the school without physically being there.

Superhuman Strength

The job of a school counselor requires superhuman strength. Even though they may not have muscles of a bodybuilder (although some might!), they have the emotional strength that tops them all. Every week, school counselors must work with students who are grieving, parents who are struggling, and teachers who need their support. They deal with eating disorders, bullying, and learning struggles. They experience heartache along with their students but are able to pull it together before the next child walks into their office. If that isn’t superhuman strength, we don’t know what is.


School counselors have an innate ability to heal even the deepest of wounds. Whether a student didn’t get into their first choice college or is dealing with the loss of their family pet, school counselors know just the right words to say to help students look on the bright side and make a plan to move forward.

We believe school counselors are some of the greatest superheroes we know. Take some time and thank a school counselor today!

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