College Readiness, Beyonce, and the Beer Goggles Effect: Wrapping up Season 1 of Upgraded by Hobsons

As 2016 draws to a close, we launch today the final episode in Season 1 of Upgraded by Hobsons, our free podcast accessible through iTunes. We invite you to join more than 1.7 million listeners who are tuning in to Upgraded. All nine episodes of the first season are now live.

Latina Girls FTW!

The technology field offers opportunities to be creative, innovative, and imaginary. Latina Girls Code, a Chicago-based non-profit organization, is hoping to increase those opportunities to minority females in technology fields of work by introducing them to the skills needed to excel.

Redefining College Admissions

Listen to our recent episode of Upgraded by Hobsons for a deeper look into Goucher College's experience with video applications.

Redefining Student Success, Holistic Admissions, and Latina Girls Code: Listen to Upgraded Episode 8

If you take away the honor roll, test scores, and athletic trophies, are there other ways to describe student success in high school and provide college admission offices with a more holistic view of their applicants?

Flipping the Classroom

Upon implementing this new instruction technique, now referred to as “flipping the classroom,” the high school’s discipline dropped 30 percent, the failure rate declined 33 percent, and the college acceptance rate increased 80 percent.

What You Need to Know about Getting More Minorities into College

In the U.S., the idea of attracting people to college is based on the belief that together, as a country, the citizens will succeed, says Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, President of University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The goal in higher education is the same, “to help people dream about their possibilities and reach those dreams.”

Getting Over the Mountain

Location, location, location. We all know it matters when making investments in housing. But what about location’s effect on education? If a student lives in a more affluent neighborhood, he or she may receive a better-quality education. Disparities from one neighborhood to another can range from differences in course offerings, funding, and the number of highly skilled teachers. Neighborhoods with lower income residents can have a difficult time attracting highly skilled teachers.

Getting More Minorities into College, and the Link Between What You Study and What You Can Earn

Today we launch Episode 7 of Upgraded by Hobsons, a free monthly podcast accessible through iTunes.

College or Resort?

College recruitment is a competitive business. In addition to enticing students to enroll in universities by boasting quality courses and tradition, institutions are showcasing their state-of-the-art amenities. To attract and retain best-fit students, some universities are even investing in hospitality services.

Mentors Matter: Arel Moodie Tells How One Person Can Change a Life

Teetering on the edge of his apartment roof, high above the projects of Brooklyn, New York, Arel Moodie had a choice to make. And as he reflected on it later, he was convinced he’d made the wrong one: He had decided to live.

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