Starting An Education Revolution: The Role of Innovation

Innovation is an interesting concept, perhaps a little like other big ideas such as ‘excellence’ and ‘beauty’ where each person enjoys a slightly different flavour, but all know it when they see it. If people had to define it in the abstract, they would never reach a suitable agreement. People agree that innovations are new ideas, approaches, products or processes; they often help society do, see or think in new ways. Against the backdrop of current norms, innovations standout as ‘different’. But difference is not all that is required to make something truly innovative.

Throwing Stones to Creating Ripples: Ramapo’s Approach to Student Success

Over the last five years, Ramapo College of New Jersey has been intentional with academic advisement and their use of Starfish Early Alert. Using Starfish by Hobsons, Ramapo College of New Jersey created a loop of communication between campus departments, and streamlined its outreach efforts on its campus of 6,000 students to lead more students to succeed in their academics.

Is Your Institution Student-Ready?

We know that today’s colleges and universities are committed to advancing educational excellence and preparing students to become thoughtful, engaged citizens of the world. But as the national conversation about student success evolves, it’s time to ask if students should be the only ones to shoulder the burden of readiness.

Hobsons Expands Starfish Enterprise Success Platform

Holistic approach leverages Starfish and PAR capabilities to provide institutional leadership with guidance, trusted data, and actionable insights to scale student success across campus.

What’s Happening at NACADA 2016

Hobsons is at the National Academic Advising Association’s (NACADA) 40th annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Supporting higher education academic advising that enhances student success, NACADA ATL: Advising to Learn conference has more than 3,000 advising professionals attending the conference this year.

How to Integrate Five Great Pedagogies

How can you integrate five great pedagogies into your curriulum strategy?

Students meeting and taking notes

Using Starfish to Support Student Success in Online Learning

In a recent webinar, QCC shared its need for a more efficient service to help faculty support their students. Amy Beaudry, Professor of English and Academic Technology Facilitator, Pat Schmohl, Dean of Distance Learning, and Lyssa Walls, Biology Instructor and Online Liaison, discussed the evolution of online communication processes using the Starfish by Hobsons platform. QCC has improved their processes by integrating Starfish into its communication model.

Dual Credit Courses Provide Students with Career Skills to Succeed

For several years, The School Superintendents Association (AASA) and American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) have facilitated dialogue between school superintendents and community college presidents to identify ways to foster student success. By bridging the gap that currently exists between K-12 and higher education institutions, the organizations are collaborating to prepare students to be college- and career-ready.

Staying the Course in Higher Education

The forthcoming Teaching Excellence Framework will focus the attention of English universities on retention and student satisfaction. Hobsons recently supported the Social Market Foundation with their research, Staying the Course, which looked in more detail at the rising focus on student success in higher education.

The Guttman Community College’s Guided iPASS Pathway

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College, the newest community college in the City University of New York has seen early successes. Their educational model was designed to increase student success with a goal of reaching a 35 percent three-year graduation rate. To put this into perspective the national community college graduation rate is approximately 20 percent!

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