Taking Experiential Learning to New Heights

How do we ensure students in higher education are receiving a true education, what does that look like, and why is it important?

Achieving What Matters Most (To You!)

How do schools get better at achieving goals that are most important to them? We have been exploring this question in a series of free Curriculum Breakfast Masterclasses held in Australian capital cities. Besides an opportunity to meet great educators, we have received positive feedback on the direction we’ve taken with Edumate’s Curriculum Mapping and Delivery software. This software helps schools accurately map their curriculum back to their required standards, as well as embed their own school’s values, vision, and frameworks directly into unit planning.

Throwing Stones to Creating Ripples: Ramapo’s Approach to Student Success

Over the last five years, Ramapo College of New Jersey has been intentional with academic advisement and their use of Starfish Early Alert. Using Starfish by Hobsons, Ramapo College of New Jersey created a loop of communication between campus departments, and streamlined its outreach efforts on its campus of 6,000 students to lead more students to succeed in their academics.

Flipping the Classroom

Upon implementing this new instruction technique, now referred to as “flipping the classroom,” the high school’s discipline dropped 30 percent, the failure rate declined 33 percent, and the college acceptance rate increased 80 percent.

Building a Little Library: How One Child Harnessed the Power of Persuasion to Mobilize Her Village

If you’re the parent of an elementary schooler, there’s a good chance you are hearing a lot about project-based learning this semester.

Ramapo College of New Jersey’s Strategy for Student Success

Student retention efforts within higher education institutions are often stunted because of a lack of engagement between students and institution staff.

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Using Starfish to Support Student Success in Online Learning

In a recent webinar, QCC shared its need for a more efficient service to help faculty support their students. Amy Beaudry, Professor of English and Academic Technology Facilitator, Pat Schmohl, Dean of Distance Learning, and Lyssa Walls, Biology Instructor and Online Liaison, discussed the evolution of online communication processes using the Starfish by Hobsons platform. QCC has improved their processes by integrating Starfish into its communication model.

Weird 101: A College Course Exploring the Economics of Love

Relationships and love can be tricky to navigate. Who should make the first move? Are men really more dominant? Are women the more conscientious half of a romantic couple? Throughout history, social scientists have explained the varying behaviors of men and women by citing social norms, cultural ideologies, and biology.

Don’t Limit Your College Search Before It Begins: Four Things to Consider

Major decisions can be stressful and complicated, not to mention expensive: Which house in which neighborhood? Which job? Which retirement investments? This summer, many students and their families will make perhaps the most anxiety-inducing of long-term investment decisions: choosing a college.

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Perseverance: Just Keep Swimming

What does perseverance mean to high school students? Is it studying hard for a test in a difficult subject? Is it practicing a skill until they’re the best they can be? For Yusra Mardini, perseverance means swimming.

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