Building a Little Library: How One Child Harnessed the Power of Persuasion to Mobilize Her Village

If you’re the parent of an elementary schooler, there’s a good chance you are hearing a lot about project-based learning this semester.

Ask Questions. Build Knowledge. Discover Strengths.

Each and every one of us has patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that we could refer to as our talents. Investing in those talents and adding knowledge, skills, and practice to those talents builds our strengths.

Naviance Class of 2015: A Glimpse at College Aspirations, Applications, and Plans

Are students who apply to dozens of colleges the norm, or do they make news because they are not? The Naviance Class of 2015, representing more than a quarter of U.S. graduating seniors, tells a different story.

Imagining Their Future: Middle Schoolers Speak

When the Hobsons team visited Thomas Viaduct Middle School in Howard County, Maryland, we asked 11-14 year-olds what they are good at, what they are interested in, and where they might be headed one day, once they get their braces off and survive the rigor of high school.

Focus on Teacher Strengths to Help Students Succeed

The more we study, evaluate, and implement changes to the U.S. education system, the more we learn about what works and what doesn’t work. But there is one constant: We know that teachers have a direct effect on student achievement.

Hobsons and Gallup Help Teachers and Students Use Strengths

Hobsons, the international leader in connecting learning to life, today announced an agreement with Gallup to launch on-site and online professional development courses to help teachers identify their strengths and apply them in their teaching. The program will also help teachers to show students how to pinpoint and build upon their own unique talents to succeed in school.

Do You Get To Use Your Strengths Every Day?

Coordinator of School Counseling Lisa Boarman reflects on Howard County Public Schools’ successful professional development training with Gallup, an initiative that’s a created an energizing strengths-based culture in the district.

Getting Started With Gallup: Are You Leading With Strengths?

At this year’s Naviance Summer Institute, Naviance Network members received a free strengths coaching session with a Gallup Consultant, a preview of Gallup's professional development program which teaches educators how to leverage their strengths and impact student engagement.

Focus on Strengths to Impact Student Outcomes

StrengthsExplorer identifies each student’s three strongest innate talent themes, such as Confidence, Dependability, or Future Thinker. Once understood, these talent themes can be aimed at success in school and post-secondary attainment.

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