Choosing the Right College? Find Your Passion Fit First

It’s the peak of college application season for high school seniors and their families. A flurry of questions and decisions presents itself: How many and which schools to apply? What can we afford? How do we craft the perfect application?

Knowing, Applying, and Implementing Your Strengths and the Strengths of Your Students

Join Gallup’s advanced consultant JerLene Mosley as she shares data and best practices about strength-based development for school educators, staff and students. Strengths development accelerates engagement; learn more about how “doing what we do best” means better days for everyone.

One Year with Naviance Curriculum

Watch this webinar and hear the experiences and real stories of counselors and principals who have implemented Naviance Curriculum in the 2014-15 school year.

How to Increase Student Engagement at Your School

To connect learning to life and stay in school, students need to be engaged with their education through three separate dimensions of student life: academically, socially, and emotionally. In this white paper, we lay out many different strategies to engaging all of your students through these three parts of their high school community.

Visualizing ASCA’s New Mindsets and Behaviors Covered by Career Assessment [Infographic]

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) recently updated the ASCA Student Standards for school counselors to reflect the latest research and best practices for enhancing student achievement and promoting college and career readiness.

Imagining Their Future: Middle Schoolers Speak

When the Hobsons team visited Thomas Viaduct Middle School in Howard County, Maryland, we asked 11-14 year-olds what they are good at, what they are interested in, and where they might be headed one day, once they get their braces off and survive the rigor of high school.

Teamwork Helps Adams 12 Five Star Schools Strengthen Counseling Programs with Naviance

Since implementing Naviance, Adams 12 Five Star Schools has increased its graduation rate by 12%, and data collected through Naviance helped the district justify spending to restore counseling positions that had been lost due to budget cuts.

Houston Independent School District Jumpstarts Career Planning with Naviance and Career Key

​With the introduction of the Common Core State Standards and other college and career readiness initiatives in recent years, states are trying to determine how to best support all students as they develop the skills to complete high school and plan for their futures, whether that means entering college or the workforce.

Gallup Report: State of America’s Schools

Gallup Education has compiled a report of their recent findings regarding teacher and student engagement, the foundations and predictors of student success, and the path towards creating strength-based schools.

The “Why” of Strengths and the “How” of Hope

Gallup Education Executive Director Brandon Busteed outlines the key to creating strengths-based schools and producing success-ready students, and reveals the value of increased engagement in both the workplace and the classroom.

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