London School of Business and Management Doubles Application Rate with Radius

London School of Business and Management doubles their application rate with Radius by Hobsons.

Destination Anywhere: How Students Decide Where to Study

Having an experience abroad is considered indispensable for a student’s resume. More and more students decide to take the step and spend (part of) their studies in a different country. It has been long since universities started to realise the importance of internationalization and the potential it has for both universities and students alike. Choosing where to study abroad is probably the most important decision that students make in their lifetime.

College Readiness, Beyonce, and the Beer Goggles Effect: Wrapping up Season 1 of Upgraded by Hobsons

As 2016 draws to a close, we launch today the final episode in Season 1 of Upgraded by Hobsons, our free podcast accessible through iTunes. We invite you to join more than 1.7 million listeners who are tuning in to Upgraded. All nine episodes of the first season are now live.

Supporting University Admissions Around the Globe

Hear from Hobsons' Director of Product Management and her travels to Australia in order to understand the different needs of our admissions clients in different parts of the world.

Perspective of an International Student Working in UK Higher Ed

With recent events such as Brexit and the US presidential election, immigrants like myself have started to feel less welcome in the UK. It was reassuring to hear a positive message from senior figures, though of course there are still many challenges with the current policy and a lot of uncertainty about the future. But what about universities? Are they doing the right things to reassure international students? Based on my own experience, I have put together some tips that I think universities should consider as they support international students through the decision-making process.

Three Things Higher Education Professionals Need to Know About “Re-Gen” Students

Just when you thought your communication plans were perfect, it may be time to rethink if your messages will still resonate with this upcoming student population.

Military Veterans Transition to Education and Career Success

With so many military veterans transitioning out of the military, higher education institutions around the United States are playing a key role in welcoming them home and helping them transition back into civilian life. The Georgia Veterans Education Career Transition Resource (VECTR) Center at Middle Georgia State University is a non-traditional educational institution that has embraced this role. A joint initiative between the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia, VECTR shifts veterans into best-fit Georgia state-run higher education institutions and new careers.

Dual Enrollment in the Context of Strategic Enrollment Management

The goals of this survey were to capture a current snapshot of dual enrollment (DE) course and program practices at institutions in the United States and determine if and how DE plays a role in the strategic enrollment management efforts of the institution.

Redefining College Admissions

Listen to our recent episode of Upgraded by Hobsons for a deeper look into Goucher College's experience with video applications.

Redefining Student Success, Holistic Admissions, and Latina Girls Code: Listen to Upgraded Episode 8

If you take away the honor roll, test scores, and athletic trophies, are there other ways to describe student success in high school and provide college admission offices with a more holistic view of their applicants?

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