California College Readiness Block Grants

California will increase the focus on college and career readiness at select high schools this fall. Beginning in October, the state’s Department of Education will release $200 million through its K–12 College Readiness Block Grant to prepare California disadvantaged high school students to meet admission requirements for California public universities. These grants aim to increase college attendance of underserved California high school students while providing administrators, counselors, and teachers with strategies for improving course completion rates, college readiness, and college-going rates.

What’s Happening at NACAC 2016

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) annual conference this year in Columbus, Ohio. Product experts and account managers will be on hand to answer your questions in the exhibit hall. We hope you will join us for breakout sessions throughout the week.

Don’t Limit Your College Search Before It Begins: Four Things to Consider

Major decisions can be stressful and complicated, not to mention expensive: Which house in which neighborhood? Which job? Which retirement investments? This summer, many students and their families will make perhaps the most anxiety-inducing of long-term investment decisions: choosing a college.

Arizona School System Uses Technology to Improve Equity and Access in College and Career Readiness

Dysart Unified School District partners with Hobsons to help all students succeed after high school.

Five Ways to Enhance Your College Counseling Program

Thorough preparation helps students feel empowered and ready to conquer college application season. School counselors know the value of preparing students for college but the process can appear daunting. Demonstrating tips, boosting student confidence and excitement, and looping parents into the process are all strategies to enhance your college counseling program. Here are five creative ways to help students feel prepared and excited about the college planning process.

Three Ways Students Can Gain Practical Job Experience Before College Graduation

Advice from expert Jeff Selingo on ways students can gain practical job experience before college graduation.

Education News Podcast

Role-playing in the Classroom, Difficult Transitions, and Nervous Teachers

Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing game popular in living rooms, but could it apply in the classroom as well? What does it mean to be truly prepared for college? And, once in college, should students be doing more to ready themselves for life after school?

Student reading in library

Beyond College Signing Day: Building a College-Going Culture

While College Signing Day is a great opportunity to show support for students, many schools across the country keep the programming going beyond College Signing Day. For example, Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va., nurtures a college-going culture throughout the school year. Here are three things they are doing that might spark ideas at your school.

ActiveMatch Events - Find best fit students for your college

Five Ways to Make Campus Visits Count

One of the best ways for students to see if a college is a good fit is by visiting campus. And for many students, a campus visit may be just what they need to help them see that college could be a reality for their future. Here are five tips for helping students make sure their campus visits count.

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