Move from Marketing to Matching in College Admissions

Join Amy Reitz, Director of Product Management for Matching Solutions, to learn how Hobsons is helping universities move from marketing to matching in the college admission process and building tools to foster better collaboration between high schools and higher education institutions.

Announcing the 2016 Hobsons University Session List

Download the 2016 Hobsons University session list.

ActiveMatch Events: A new way to find and engage best-fit students

ActiveMatch Events, a new service from Hobsons, allows those students to discover and register for on-campus events at best-fit colleges within Naviance, the world’s most widely used college and career planning tool. Join our webinar to learn more about this new offering and how students can discover best-fit college options and higher education institutions can leverage the Naviance Network to make deeper connections with best-fit students.

Show your true self: Revealing the real institution to prospective students

Stop the fluff! With all of today’s growing pressures on higher education admissions teams, it is more important than ever that recruitment messaging stays concrete, honest, and unique. It’s time for institutions to find their true voices, leverage their uniqueness, and communicate it to prospective students for serious consideration.

College Search Secrets Revealed! Real Insights from Students and Parents

There are plenty of statistics and strategies floating around today to help institutions decide what communication channels are most effective and how to increase response rates. But, reports have shown that student communication preferences aren’t very clear and they’ll respond to an array of communications from institutions.

How to Capture Attention and Drive More Students Toward Enrollment

Thanks to technology like smartphones and tablets that makes searching the internet easy and engaging, the expected online experience for students is changing. It doesn’t matter whether a student is buying a pair of shoes – or a college education – today’s generation expects short, instant and relevant information delivered in a way that meets individual wants, needs and lifestyle.

Getting in Front of the Right Students

Admissions and enrollment management offices have access to an abundant amount of data points from both on campus and outside sources. With this massive set of data, how can institutions harness it to make actionable and impactful decisions?

Why Your Online Advertising Strategy Stinks and What To Do About It

With soaring keyword bids, meager budgets, and multiple touch points necessary to make an impression on a single student, rinse-and-repeat marketing efforts are the key to guiding prospects from awareness to enrollment.

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