Success in Uncertain Times: Holistic Interventions for Incoming Freshmen

The freshman class entering colleges and universities this fall have the deck stacked against them. In ordinary times, public four-year universities lose almost 19% of sophomore students who do not return after their freshman year. And with likely increases in remote classrooms and students reconsidering deferral or their college choice to be closer to home or to save money, colleges and universities are under pressure to ensure that the students who enter in the fall are successful and retained.

Higher education must pivot now to provide additional assistance to students entering college for the first time. 

Recently, Starfish worked with university partners to take a data-driven approach to understanding which interventions are most effective at improving GPA and increasing retention to the next term for first-time freshmen students. 

Download our research brief to learn more about how to identify and implement effective proactive intervention programs and strategies for first-time freshmen, including: 

  • How to use early interventions to ahead of poor performance rather than reacting to it;
  • Which interventions have the biggest impact on student success and retention
  • Analytical approaches to measuring the effectiveness of interventions

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