Starfish Whitepaper: The Holistic Student Success Framework

With the challenges facing today’s students, the traditional model of academic advising is not enough. This is especially true for the almost 50 percent of undergraduates that can be categorized as “non-traditional.” From career planning and financial issues to mental health and basic needs insecurity, students need more help outside the classroom to ensure they complete their degree and achieve their goals. 

But planning and Implementing a holistic student success initiatives is never easy. To ensure success, institutions need to align goals, develop targeted student support programs, drive engagement and accountability across departments, and take a data-driven approach to measuring success.

The Holistic Student Success Framework provides a roadmap for planning, implementing and evaluating an institution-wide culture of student-centric success, offering recommendations and strategies to use throughout the student journey. The Holistic Student Success Framework, developed by Hobsons, encompasses two main components:

  • Dimensions of holistic student success
    • Academic goal
    • Career aspirations
    • Life well-being
  • Holistic student success strategies
    • Align goals
    • Develop strategies
    • Unite the campus
    • Measure impact

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