Starfish Webinar: Supporting Faculty to Enhance Student Success

Faculty engagement is often misunderstood and overlooked as it relates to student success on campuses.

In this webinar recording, we focus on the appreciation for/understanding of the importance of faculty engagement as it relates to student success, identifying early champions and leveraging support, and engaging in constructive dialogue about capacity and interest in student engagement with partner institutions. Intentional practices for enhancing student success through faculty engagement will be highlighted.


  • Dr. Shannon McGhee, Director of Retention & Student Success, West Virginia State University
  • Alana Dorsey, Academic Support Specialist, West Virginia State University
  • Dr. ​Ejob O’ Brien, Strategic Consultant, Starfish by Hobsons
  • Dr. Christopher Bridges, Strategic Consultant, Starfish by Hobsons

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Topics Higher Ed Student Success and Advising

Student Success & Advising

Achieve 2x increases in your retention rate, exceed graduation rate goals, and set the standard for student success in higher education. Identify and support students who are struggling before it’s too late.

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