Starfish Integrations with a Learning Management System

Outside of Starfish, every campus has volumes of data that help to describe each student’s story. One of the key tools your faculty and students use is your Learning Management System (LMS). Because your faculty and students interact with it on a daily basis, your LMS is tracking important data that can only make your Starfish program more effective. However, your student success advisors don’t have access to the course and student level data housed in your LMS, and are reliant on students and faculty to report. Accessing your LMS data from Starfish is even more important for students enrolled in online classes, where engagement is harder to recognize, inspire or accomplish.

Integrating an LMS with Starfish is easy. Starfish is configured to work with the most popular systems through standard integrations, including:

  • Blackboard: Starfish provides a standard Blackboard building block
  • Moodle: Starfish provides a standard Moodle block
  • Canvas: Starfish handles the integration on behalf of your institution

Once the integration between Starfish and your LMS is complete, course data is displayed in a standard Starfish view where advisors can confirm course attendance records, homework participation and students’ grades. All data displayed in Starfish comes from your learning management system data. Starfish will also show advisors a course average; the feature is dependent on faculty provided grades and averages.

As a result of integrating your LMS data with the Starfish system, advisors gain:

  • Insight into students’ performance in their courses on a daily basis, including how they are progressing through their classes, grades, and participation.
  • Accurate student data without relying on self-reported data from the student or faculty-identified concerns
  • Automated flags for LMS data points, including course average, missing assignments and course logins.
  • Furthermore, instructors gain the ability to use Zoom-In to filter their students in each course section by course average or assignment grades to identify at-risk students and plan interventions.

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The Starfish Enterprise Success Platform helps more than 450 colleges and universities scale their student success efforts so more students can achieve their academic and life goals. By helping higher education institutions leverage reliable data to pinpoint areas of concern and opportunity within courses and student populations, as well as institutional programs and services, Starfish connects these findings to action by identifying at-risk students, connecting students with valuable resources, and building academic plans to achieve student goals with the least momentum lost.

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