Spring Junior Recruitment Best Practices

Listen to our on-demand webinar! Hear from Jason Pierce and Melissa Cihla Meyer on why juniors, why now and how to maximize and align your efforts:

  • The January Flip
  • Success metrics
  • Audience segments and touchpoints
  • Combining spring travel and messaging efforts
  • A/B testing

Jason came from the high school world and spent 6 years as a Language Arts teacher working with a range of students from AP to students with special needs. In his 5 years at Hobsons, Jason has partnered with schools in both the 2 year and 4 year markets as well as schools in all regions of the United States to assist in strategic recruitment outreach.

Melissa has been in marketing and communication for 13 years including seven years in higher education. She has higher education and media experience in events management and marketing, strategy development and implementation, audience segmentation and branding.

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