Social Emotional Learning at Times of Transition

Remember when the end of the school year was full of parties and big get-togethers? This spring, many graduations and other education milestones will once again be celebrated virtually — and probably also through a procession of honking, decorated cars.

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COVID-19 has put a lingering hold on most traditional aspects of school life. It has also created deep cracks in the college, career, and life readiness process. Since the start of the pandemic, three million students have stopped attending school entirely. One in ten are choosing not to pursue college. And financial aid applications have dropped by ten percent.

Students are clearly struggling. So how can you help them succeed? By integrating social emotional learning (SEL) and transition support into your curriculum. In this SlideShare, we provide five easy ways to do this, from using surveys and other data to assess your students’ wellbeing, to harnessing the power of social media to make sure they complete critical tasks.

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