Building a Culture of Success

This webinar highlights the ways that universities and colleges are using the Starfish student success solution to engage students and nurture a culture of belonging.

Why Kudos Count: Early Alert and the Value of Positive Reinforcement

The role of positive reinforcement as part of a comprehensive student success program cannot be overlooked. Students love to get good news and words of encouragement. Faculty love to give well-deserved pats on the back. But it has to be easy. The Starfish EARLY ALERT module of the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform makes this communication simple, efficient, and scalable.

Utilizing Technology to Help More Students Persist to College-Level Courses

Harper College's strategic plan identifies a number of focus areas including improving academic achievement, narrowing achievement gaps, and increasing completion rates. As an Achieving the Dream institution since 2009, Harper analyzed internal data to develop strategies that would help move the completion needle, specifically within the college’s developmental education program.

Opportunities to Engage First Year Students at Community Colleges

As part of the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) led by the Chancellor’s Office, Los Medanos College began implementing tools from the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform – specifically, early alert and degree planning – in 2015. In this Webinar, you’ll learn about their recipe for implementing student success technologies within a statewide initiative.

Fostering a Comprehensive Academic Advising Program

The University of Illinois Springfield has successfully started its second academic year using the Starfish® Enterprise Success Platform™. The Starfish platform was chosen to foster a comprehensive academic advising model for all students and to coordinate student services across campus. In 2006, with its first full freshman class on campus, the institution created an Advising Center.

Getting Serious about Student Retention at SUNY Broome

This webinar focuses on advice and “lessons learned” in the early stages of implementing the Starfish platform at a community college. As Heather Darrow said, “In the beginning it seemed very abstract – I know it can be hard to conceptualize how Starfish will work. But I figured it out, and others can too. I look forward to helping other schools!”

2015 Inside Higher Ed Survey of Community College Presidents

In this free webinar Inside Higher Ed editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman review the results of the 2015 Survey of Community College Presidents.

Starfish 360 Award Spotlight: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Join Amy Goodburn, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as she takes you through recent initiatives implemented in areas of student success and retention. Hear how the use of Starfish by Hobsons has amplified UNL's efforts, how the university is measuring outcomes, and discover best practices for engagement within your campus community.

Digital Engagement for Student Success

Dr. Rosemary Hayes will provide participants with a clear understanding of the limitations of current fragmented retention practices, the key benefits of a strategic digital engagement approach to student success, and the practical considerations for engaging the key players in the success of students.

Addressing Student Success with Measurable Outcomes

Join Pat Thatcher, Associate Provost and Director at the Learning and Advising Center at Philadelphia University, as she shares how Philadelphia University has leveraged Starfish to address student success with measurable results.

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