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Naviance Wields Much ‘Power and Influence’ in College Admissions, Harvard Researcher Finds

For decades, the college-admissions process has been shrouded in mystery. But these days, big data, and a popular college planning tool, are taking much of the guesswork out of applying to college.

The Online Tool That Helps - and Hinders? - College Applicants

Students who use Naviance are more likely to be accepted where they apply—but may be deterred from reaching for highly selective schools.

Sullivan, Kingsport Officials Pleased with ACT Scores

"Tennessee ACT scores and participation rates are up, with many area school systems comparing favorably to the Class of 2018 statewide ACT average of 20.2 as systems work toward the goal of 21 by 2020."

Breaking Down the True Cost of College and How to Make It Affordable

When people think about college costs, they tend to stop at tuition, but there are more costs — and more tools to help — than many realize.

Students Using Social Skills to Work in a Group

Experts in the Higher Education Space Sound Off on the Issue of Affordability

A panel of education experts share insights into the college affordability crisis and suggest simple steps anyone can take to manage the costs of education.

Thrive Global Feature: 5 Leadership Lessons with Kate Cassino

Hobsons' CEO Kate Cassino recently shared her 5 Leadership Lessons with Thrive Global. See how Kate's leadership expertise has further positioned Hobsons as the leading education technology company.

Students Using Social Skills to Work in a Group

Collier County Superintendent Honored as 2017 Lavan Dukes District Leader of the Year

At a meeting of the State Board of Education, Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart today named Collier County Superintendent Dr. Kamela Patton the 2017 Lavan Dukes District Data Leader of the Year.

Counselors Rely on Software that helps with Career Planning

Several local high schools -- and even middle schools -- are taking advantage of a new digital career planning program that helps students map their future. Last month, the Pittsburgh Public School District was the latest to adopt Naviance, an electronic platform that helps students plan their lives beyond high school.

GISD Expanding Opportunities for Students

"Dear Gonzales ISD School and Community Family, Happy New Year 2018! We wish you a wonderful year ahead filled with many blessings. Our early days back have been super busy, productive, and enjoyable. Students are working hard on school studies, participating as a member of a team in their organizations or athletic games and engaged in many goal-setting opportunities. Naviance is a wonderful assist in this area as we work to provide effective support for students as they plan the most conducive path of courses toward their career goals."

Pittsburgh Public Schools works with Naviance

We're excited to work with our new partners in Pittsburgh Public Schools!

After graduating, most of Stevenson High School’s Class of 2017 enrolled in college

"After Stevenson High School's Class of 2017 received diplomas last spring, approximately 97 percent of the students went on to attend college – with nine out of 10 enrolling in a four-year school, according to a new report."

Report: 7 recommendations for student success with credentials

“Identifying Predictors of Credential Completion Among Beginning Community College Students”, a report published by Hobsons and ACE (second in a four-part series) examines how high school students fare when they enroll in community college directly after high school and what can be done to remove the student success barriers for this specific demographic.

Hobsons’ Predictive Analytics Integration: From the PAR Framework to Holistic Tools

VP for Research Ellen Wagner talks about how Hobsons' integration of predictive analytics, including the PAR Framework, has provided the education sector with tools to approach a myriad of issues more holistically — from college and career planning, to recruitment and student matching, to admissions, advising, and student success.

$10K grant to help fund readiness program at Teays Valley

The Teays Valley Local School District recently received a $10,000 grant from the Teays Valley Educational Foundation to be used to help purchase the Naviance College and Career Readiness Program, which will be used by all Teays Valley high school and middle school students next school year.

Orange Unified School District: Preparing Students for College and Career

As part of Orange Unified School District’s initiative to graduate college and career-ready students, students begin Career Exploration and Educational Planning in middle school and build on that foundation throughout their four years of high school. To support this College and Career Planning at the secondary level, OUSD has adopted the software program Naviance and can connect each student’s passions to a possible career path and then work with them to create an individual plan to achieve their professional goals fulfilling the District’s mission.

Naviance in World Unified School District

According to Rim of the World Unified School District in California, “Naviance works to encourage students’ interest in college from early on in their high school career and tracks their GPA, high school progress, A-G requirements, and more. In addition, it also has access to hundreds of colleges and universities around the world for students to begin researching.” Rim of the World is expanding their Naviance implementation from High Schools to Middle Schools in school year 2017-2018.

Passaic Valley One of First Schools in State To Use Online College Application Program

Passaic Valley High School (PVHS) is one of the first in the state to utilize an online college application program which offers research and matching tools, course planning, career assessment, and personality tests and surveys.

Tool helps students prepare for workplace success

Hobsons, which focuses on college and career readiness, admissions, and student success, has launched a new digital course designed to help high school students develop critical skills necessary for entry-level jobs, and prepare for the ACT WorkKeys®.

5 Smart Ways to Save Money on College Applications

If you're applying to a bunch of schools, the bill can add up fast. Here's how you can cut it down to size. Today’s college-bound high school students are filing far more applications than their parents did. Surveys find that about a third of high school seniors apply to at least seven colleges, and it’s not unheard-of for some to apply to 20 or more.

Study Finds Increasing Number of High Schools Are Using Individual Learning Plans to Prepare Student

A study from The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and edtech company Hobsons has found that many high schools are increasingly using individual learning plans (IPLs) to prepare students for college and career, but could use more training and support when it comes to implementation.

LIST IT: Five things to know about Burlington High School’s scholarship program & Class of 2015

The Burlington High School Scholarship Awards Ceremony held June 2015 included 156 scholarship programs and two award programs for graduating seniors that totaled more than $300,000. There were approximately 280 students that graduated in this class.

Eastern Shore Dropouts: Wicomico County

Across the nation, dropout rates are improving. According to the U.S. Department of Education, more students are graduating than ever.

Federal Grants Encourage School Partnerships

Beginning this year, low-income students and those that would be the first from their families to go to college in high schools across Los Angeles will have access to an online college and career planning tool at a time when post-secondary counselors are scarce.

Hill-Freedman World Academy: best-kept secret

Since opening its high school doors in 2012, Hill-Freedman World Academy continues to be the cutting-edge of education, featuring gifted support and numerous enrichment opportunities for its students.

Game-based platform targets college prep, exams

Hobsons has launched Naviance Test Prep, a new online learning platform that is intended to make test prep engaging and personalized for students.

Beyond the Classroom: How early should we prep for college?

If you catch a conversation between high school students, at some point you are most likely to hear them discussing the future — careers, family and, of course, college preparation. Whether it is choosing the right courses, preparing applications, taking campus tours or having the interview, the inevitability of college is on the forefront. Even in middle school, academic rigor and attention to work ethic are part of everyday conversation that links them to college readiness. But how early is too early to talk about college?

County schools set record in scholarship offers

Students who will be seniors in the upcoming school year have a tough act to follow in terms of scholarship offers, as those who graduated in June set a new record for county public school students.

Hobsons Debuts Gamified Test Prep

Hobsons has introduced a game-based learning platform designed to personalize test preparation for students. Dubbed Naviance Test Prep, the new tool "uses game-based mechanics to deliver content from leading publishers, including McGraw Hill, Allen Prep, Cengage Learning, and MasteryPrep," according to a news release.

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