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Howard schools’ mentor program guides homeless youth

The Howard County school system's College and Career Ready Mentor Program got a boost in its efforts to help homeless youth in college preparation after receiving a state grant for over $80,000 through the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act.

Higher ed’s student success HQs

As the definition of student success continues to expand beyond retention and graduation rates, its physical presence on many campuses is also beginning to sprawl. Student success centers have been emerging for years, and the trend is expected to continue. For each school considering one, decisions involve how to structure and design the space, as well as how to integrate it into a larger student success strategy.

AASA, Hobsons Team To Improve Access to Community Colleges

The School Superintendents Association (AASA) and Hobsons, a provider of student advising and admissions systems, have teamed up on an initiative that aims to help school districts and community colleges increase the number of students attending and graduating from community college.

Federal GEAR UP program helping Norwood students go to college

In an effort to increase the percentage of students continuing to college in the fall of 2015, Norwood High School introduced the GEAR UP program to its seniors late last year.

Class of 2015 accepts $6.6 million in scholarships

As one of Broken Arrow’s largest graduating classes, the Class of 2015 proved themselves to be one of a kind. On May 19, nearly 1,100 students celebrated their commencement, and together accepted more than $6.6 million in scholarships, the largest total to date reported to Broken Arrow High School’s College and Career Center.

Palmyra students to get web-based career and college planning tool

Palmyra students in grades 6 through 12 might find it easier to prepare for careers and college with a web-based program they can access next fall.

Inside the schools where college prep and project-based learning go hand-in-hand

High Tech High—the San Diego-based charter-school system comprised of five high schools and eight total elementary and middle schools—likes to think of itself as something of an outlier. It boasts that 99 percent of its students matriculate to higher education (and 82 percent graduate), but it has no AP courses. It counts college prep as one of its strongest assets, but rejects Carnegie units and the traditional testing still commonplace in many of today’s universities. Rather, at High Tech High, the focus is on integrated project-based learning that aims to prepare students for the last years of college—not the first.

Smart Planet: 20 Inventions Boosting Global IQ

Technology and learning innovations are in the process of boosting global IQ. As they become less expensive and more widely available, they will connect billions of young people to the idea economy. Following is a list of 20 categories where new tools are beginning to, or likely to, make a big difference in access to quality learning opportunities.

School Network Uses Project-Based Learning, Not AP Tests, as College Prep

In an interview with, a director from the San Diego-based charter school network, High Tech High, explains its success despite its unconventional college prep methods and its disregard for the norm of the AP curriculum. - See more at:

Career guidance helps students figure out their paths

San Diego high school student Sharon Tamir is spending four weeks of her junior year in Vancouver, Canada, interning at an historic school for girls and delving into the teaching practices surrounding project-based learning.

College Counseling Corner: Plans for summer

As the school year draws to a close, area students can look ahead to opportunities to spend time with friends, employment, travel, focus on athletic and artistic interests, and volunteer activities during the summer months. Often times, students do not know where to begin or how to approach an “open calendar” or job search and it can be, for some, a daunting process.

M’ville studies options for high school and beyond planning for students

MARYSVILLE – With the culminating project no longer a state requirement to graduate, the Marysville School District is looking at other options to help students prepare for high school and beyond.

Camden charter school piles on college applications

LEAP Academy University Charter School in Camden is touting an unusual number this spring: Its seniors sent more than 5,000 college applications - an average of more than 45 per student.

Cleveland Foundation announces $14.7 million in March grants

The focus of the March funding supports health and education initiatives throughout Greater Cleveland, two strategic priority areas for the foundation in its mission to enhance the lives of all in our community.

A national recognition program honoring student success

Three Starfish Retention Solutions clients received recognition awards for their student success programs.

Six Things We Learned At South By Southwest EDU

The NPR Ed team is back from Austin, where we connected with hundreds of educators and people excited about education at the annual South By Southwest Edu Conference. As with many conferences, there's just as much to be gained from conversations in the hallways and chance encounters as from the official sessions. Here's what we learned from both.

Pitney Bowes Gives $25K Grant For Mentoring Programs In Stamford Schools

The Stamford Public Education Foundation has received a $25,000 grant from the Pitney Bowes Foundation to support mentoring programs for middle and high school students through its College and Career Readiness with Naviance Family Connection Program.

Popular colleges are not the only option

By junior year, most of us have established our personalities: the kid who does track year-round, the “Artist’s Club” Vice President, the “Barbeque Club” official disc jockey. We have settled into our interests. We are ready to take the next step in doing whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.

​Hobsons Acquires Starfish Retention Solutions for College Student Support

Cincinnati, OH-based Hobsons acquired Arlington, VA-based Starfish Retention Solutions for an undisclosed amount. Hobson is the provider of Naviance, which provides college career planning, including a way for students to predict which colleges they’ll get into based on scores and previous attendees.

Two Greater Washington ed-tech companies join forces

Arlington-based education technology company Hobsons has acquired D.C.-based ed tech startup Starfish Retention Solutions for an undisclosed sum.

Hobsons Acquires Arlington’s Starfish Solutions

Arlington-based edtech startup Starfish Retention Solutions was acquired by Hobsons Monday for an undisclosed amount. Starfish, a D.C. venture backed startup, will join one of the fastest growing edtech companies in the U.S. as the leading provider of student advising systems for higher education institutions.

Starfish Retention Solutions bought by Hobsons

Hobsons on Monday announced the acquisition of Starfish Retention Solutions, a leading student advising systems provider in the higher ed space.

Completing the Student Life Cycle

Student success company Hobsons on Monday acquired Starfish Retention Solutions, bringing both companies closer to the goal of building college and career planning tools that track students as they move through elementary school, high school, college and beyond.

Tustin High launches college and career readiness program

Tustin High School students recently participated in the first annual College & Career Readiness Day. The freshman class took the ReadiStep test, which measures the skills students needed to be on track for success as they transition to high school.

South parents go back to school

One of the most difficult homework assignments facing high school seniors – and their parents – is the college application process. But a software program, available to all students at both Grosse Pointe North and South high schools, is proving to be an invaluable tool when it comes to selecting, coordinating and finalizing the entire college process.

Is Your First Grader College Ready?

What is college? To Madison Comer, a confident 6-year-old, it is a very big place. “It’s tall,” she explained, outlining the head of Tuffy, the North Carolina State mascot, with a gray crayon. “It’s like high school but it’s higher.”

UCS District Offers Planning Platform for Students

"The Naviance system will be an important tool to support the Utica Community Schools college culture," Superintendent Christine Johns said. "Students, parents and staff will have a clear, active role in bringing our graduates' college and career dreams to reality."

Planning tool to help UCS students sort through college-research maze

You might call it one-stop shopping for the college-bound. The Utica Community School District is about to introduce a program to make college preparation easier and more thorough for students who hope to continue their education beyond high school. Naviance, a program used in some 8,500 schools and districts around the country, bills itself as “a comprehensive college and career readiness solution for middle and high schools that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.”

Cutting-Edge College Readiness Tool Comes to Philly Public Schools

With the help of private philanthropy, the Philadelphia school district has inked a five-year deal that will give its 6th to 12th grade students access to the Naviance platform — a web-based college-and-career readiness tool that officials say has been used to great success by wealthier districts across the nation for years.

College Counselor: ‘A Deferral Is Not A Denial’

High school students discovered this week whether they’ve been accepted to their choice college under early decision. For students who were deferred, guidance counselor Lisa Micele says that doesn’t mean they won’t get in to their top school in the spring.

Applications by the Dozen, as Anxious Seniors Hedge College Bets

Six college applications once seemed like a lot. Submitting eight was a mark of great ambition. For a growing number of increasingly anxious high school seniors, figures like that now sound like just a starting point.

The Value of a Gap Year

Subjects in the Haigler and Nelson study also cited a desire to find out more about themselves, a luxury in today’s hypercompetitive culture, says Kim Oppelt, a former school counselor, now community relations manager at education solutions provider Hobsons in Arlington, Virginia. High school students used to have the time to sample a variety of electives, she notes, but they’re “now under pressure to take advanced courses in every subject for all four years of high school. This gives them little time to explore their true interests.”

6 solutions helping institutions bolster student success

Getting students in the door is only half the battle, and arguably the easiest part. Making sure they cross the finish line is another challenge — and just as important when it comes to ratings that measure an institution's worth, like those offered by U.S. News and under consideration by the Obama administration. Fortunately, a number of solutions are now on the market, ranging from standalone services to tools connected to familiar platforms

Matchmaking through technology: The coming revolution in college admissions

The old model that colleges used to recruit, through mass mailings to promising students and selective visits to key high schools, is giving way to sophisticated matchmaking tools of technology. On Thursday morning, the National Association for College Admission Counseling opened an exhibit hall here at its 70th convention that points the way to the future of recruiting. Vendors offered admission officers and high school counselors a number of tools to help them fill college classes or provide information to help students navigate a bewildering market.

Executive Appointment to Underscore the Importance of a Robust, Unified Technology Strategy

“What inspires me about Hobsons is the important role that technology plays in every student’s education journey,” said Rao. “The ability of technology to connect with students through each stage of the learning lifecycle is a powerful enabler that can unlock their full potential. I’m excited to bring my expertise to a company that’s leading the way technology positively impacts student growth and success.”

Why High-School Students Should Consider These 5 Ridiculously Promising Careers

Career exploration is sometimes limited to only what students have been exposed to. Often students pursue careers based on familiarity. That means choosing careers their parents have had, those glamorized on television and social media, or others they encounter as adolescents. But there is value in thinking outside the box when it comes to career exploration. Instead of choosing a career and retrofitting it to students' skills and talents, why not take the time to explore and develop interests, then make post-secondary decisions based on these findings?

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