Upgraded by Hobsons is a podcast connecting learning to life. This is a monthly series about student success and education: now and in the future, its challenges, and some incredible stories of hope, discovery, and success.

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Episode Five: Timely Text Messages, the Economics of Love and Lust, and the Quest for Diversity

In this episode: We hear how well-timed text messages may be the key to preserving college-bound intentions, and why there is still work ahead for true diversity on campus. Plus, the surprising link between volunteering in your community and learning. Lastly, a college course on the economics of love and sex.

Extra Credit: Studying Literature of the Sea, On the Sea

When students of this English course come to class - sometimes they need life jackets.

Extra Credit: Why Do so Many People Watch Online Cat Videos?

Why do so many people watch online cat videos? One academic researcher went on a mission to find out.

Extra Credit: Kanye Vs Everybody

One course at Georgia State University is using a Kanye West to teach its students about African-American poetry throughout history.

Extra Credit: Benefits of a Gap Year

Taking a year off after high school is not such a bad thing afterall. In fact, it just might be the smartest decision some students can make.

Extra Credit: Making College Possible

When something bad happens to you or someone you love, you have two choices. You get down or you get motivated.

Extra Credit: Why Emotions Matter in School

It’s no secret emotions affect us in many ways.

Episode Four: Making college possible, the role of emotions in learning, and Kanye West vs everybody

In this episode: how emotions influence learning, and why there’s a college course centered around Kanye West.

Extra Credit: Why College Students Should Change their Expectations

College is no longer the ticket to a good job. In fact, in this current economy competition is fierce and good jobs, harder to find. So what now? Author and higher education expert, Jeff Selingo, gives college students some advice.

Extra Credit: Professors Get Nervous Too

Professors get nervous too. Listen to them talk about performance anxiety, the imposter syndrome and how they’re not much unlike their students.

Extra Credit: What You Should Know about Transitioning into College

Listen to this mini five-part series on what you should know about transitioning to college, with expert Harlan Cohen.

Extra Credit: Fantasy Role-Playing for the Disengaged?

All educators strive to get their students engaged in class. Listen to how the use of game-based learning changed everything for one literature class in California.

Episode Three: Role-playing in the classroom, difficult transitions, and nervous teachers

In this episode: what it means to be truly prepared for college. And, once in college - should students be doing more to ready themselves for life after school?

Extra Credit: Unforgettable Teachers

There are some teachers we never forget. This is for them.

Extra Credit: What Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse Can Teach You

There is actually a course called “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse." Why does such a course exist? Well, here’s the story.

Extra Credit: What’s so critical about critical thinking?

It has never been more critical than now, to be a critical thinker; especially as we often find ourselves drowning in information from every direction.

Extra Credit: How Mindfulness Transforms a School

It’s been said that kids are more stressed out now than ever before in history. Maybe that’s one reason introducing meditation and mindfulness practices at school, can work as well as this.

Extra Credit: How Much Should Your College Know About You?

College admission forms are chock-a-block full of questions, but what happens if any of those questions get too personal?

Episode Two:Personal questions on college applications, thinking critically, and a zombie apocalypse

In today’s episode of Upgraded by Hobsons, we ask questions about what belongs on a college admissions form and what does not.

Extra Credit: Teacher Tributes

There are some teachers you never forget....

Extra Credit: Emailing your professor: 101

Emailing your professor seems straightforward, right? Wrong. It’s true there aren’t any formal rules to emailing faculty members, but there are definitely lines that can be crossed. For example, you’ll hear people crossing them, in this piece.

Extra Credit: Newsflash: Failing might not be so bad, afterall

Why is it we always seem to remember the times we fell down, dropped the ball, or generally failed at something?

Extra Credit: The Business of Learning

What can running your own business teach you? As it turns out, a lot.

Extra Credit: You’ve got class; wherever it suits you.

We hear a lot about education reform these days. But change is hard.

Episode One: First Class

In this inaugural episode of Upgraded by Hobsons, we explore a whole new take on higher ed. Imagine a university without lectures, without traditional classrooms, without walls...

Listen to a preview of Upgraded: Launching March 1

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