Upgraded by Hobsons is a podcast connecting learning to life. This is a monthly series about student success and education: now and in the future, its challenges, and some incredible stories of hope, discovery, and success.

Education Podcast

Episode Eight: Redefining Success for Students and What’s Ahead for Holistic Admissions

If you take away athletic trophies and the honor roll, are there other ways to define a successful student?

Extra Credit: More Than Ready

Here’s a story about high school students readying for college.

Extra Credit: When a Teacher Becomes a Friend

Many people share stories of teachers who’ve made lasting impressions.

Extra Credit: Beyonce 101

What’s up with Rutgers University offering a course on Beyonce?

Extra Credit: I Met the First Lady. She’s So Cool.

This is a fantastic story of a school counselor who helps her students find their inner rising star and then becomes one herself.

Episode Nine: The Best Measurement of College Readiness

In this episode, hear one man’s mission to change the standard measurement for college readiness, as well as one woman’s professional triumph, and why the beer goggles effect may have it all wrong.

Extra Credit: Redefining Success for Kids

How we define success for children can actually be harmful.

Extra Credit: Experiential Learning Behind Bars

Taking experiential learning to new heights, this innovative college course goes to prison.

Extra Credit: Beyond the Grade

Extra Credit: There is more to a student than her grades.

Extra Credit: Memorable Teacher Makes a Mark

The impact a teacher can have, should never be underestimated.

Extra Credit: Latina Girls FTW!

Inspired by the serious gap between female minorities & tech industries, “Latina Girls Code” has one goal.

Extra Credit: The Classroom Revolution

Chalkboards, ballpoint pens, overhead projectors... it wasn’t long ago these things revolutionized the way we learn.

Extra Credit: There’s More to Students and Student Success, Than Grades

If you take away athletic trophies and the honor roll, are there other ways to define a successful student?

Extra Credit: The First Generation Struggle

Statistically speaking, there are now more first generation students than any other kind.

Extra Credit: Flipping the Classroom

This is a story about a guy who turned one of the worst schools in his state into a prosperous and happy place of learning. And he did it by “flipping” the classroom.

Extra Credit: Lessons in Keeping Kindergarten Lesson-Light

Kindergarten is a transformational year for its wee little students.

Extra Credit: Getting Over the Mountain

This is a story of a boy who had to bus over a mountain to get to a better school.

Extra Credit: What You Need to Know about Getting More Minorities into College

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski has been recognized by TIME magazine as 1 of the 100 most influential people in the world, as well as 1 of 10 of the best college presidents in America.

Extra Credit: The Link Between What You Study and What You Earn

The relationship between what you study in college vs. what you stand to make when you graduate, may not be as obvious as you think.

Episode Seven: Getting more minorities into college and the Link Between What You Study and a Salary

In this episode, we hear from a man once recognized by TIME magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Extra Credit: The Power of a Mentor

A powerful story, featuring Arel Moodie, that will remind all the educators out there why they do what they do.

Extra Credit: Why It Isn’t Only Teachers You Should Thank

Apple for the teacher? What about those who teach our kids in ways we don’t always see?

Extra Credit: College or Resort? Hard to Tell

College Tours aren’t what they used to be. Colleges have always been competitive in an academic sense, but that drive to outdo one another is creeping into other areas.

Extra Credit: Redefining College Admissions

The college application process is known for being a complicated and daunting endeavour but that is changing.

Extra Credit: The Business of Ethics

Business courses may be a dime a dozen, but this one is definitely off the beaten track. This college course challenges future business tycoons to negotiate moral and ethical dilemmas.

Episode Six: Back to School, college Perks, and Changing the Face of College Admissions

In this episode: Get inspired by motivational speaker Arel Moodie, plus hear what lengths colleges go to, to win over students.

Extra Credit: The Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

American teenagers do more community service than any other age group in the country.

Extra Credit: Experiential Learning on New York’s Harbour

At this school in New York the day starts on a boat then moves to the beach.

Extra Credit: The Economics of Love and Sex

There’s an off-the-beaten-path course being taught at a Canadian university. It involves love, sex and economics.

Extra Credit: Diversity on Campus: What Lies Ahead

Increased diversity on our country’s college campuses is a goal for most institutions, but what still lies ahead?

Extra Credit: Timely Texts Cool the Summer Melt

There are many reasons freshly graduated high school students experience summer melt.

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